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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Construction pork projects use a lot of concrete

And the Tribune, sister company to a concrete firm, endorses Mary Nolan for Portland City Council. Funny thing.

The Trib was born out of frustration with the powers that be in City Hall and the West Hills. Times have most definitely changed.

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Well, you can't not support your sister.

Sounds like a pour excuse to vote for her...

Sally, you obviously haven't met my sister. I'm not saying she's a horrible person with all of the personality of a poison roach. I'm just saying that her greatest nightmares involve Sigourney Weaver and a forklift.

Some of Dr. Pamplin's businesses have developed poor habits in recent years, when it comes to paying bills on time. They are far from alone in this; however, it illustrates their increasingly desperate need for an "in" to turn things around.

It was a joke, Tex. Like your sister, maybe. ;-) Actually I have no great affinity for family unless I actually like them.

The Trib was born in part due to Pamplin's ego......

I received a curious piece of election porn from Nolan today, quoting the WW from April, 2012,. Not a mention that WW yanked that endorsement and now supports Fritz.

Interesting ethics on the part of the Viper.

And they were once critical of TriMet; now they are a "sponsor" of many of TriMet's "grand opening" events and even had one of their executives on TriMet's Board.

Funny how government works when it wants to control the press...

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