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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Char-Lie plays blue notes on streetcars, "urban renewal"

Make no mistake, Portland mayoral candidate Char-Lie Hales is a tool of real estate developers -- always has been. He's the pet politician of Homer Williams and Dike Dames, the condo pushers who have taken Portland taxpayers for one bad ride after another. They've pumped a lot of money into the Hales campaign -- so much so that old Homer was up on the platform with Hales on election night in the primary. And old Dame is so hot to give Hales bucks that he's arranged to have contributions made by some of his inanimate objects.

So you can bet that Mayor Hales will be tasked with getting more cr-apartments built for Williams, Dame, and their ilk, even if that means running a dopey streetcar to the "Foothills" section of Lake Oswego, which those two are currently drooling over. There's a Portland sewage treatment plant down there that will also have to be moved or radically changed, and you can count on a Hales administration to get that done as well. If Greg Macpherson becomes mayor in L.O., the condo cranes will probably move in right after the inauguration ceremony.

But look at what Char-Lie said last night in response to a question about the streetcar:

I do not support streetcar expansion until the operating dollars are identified. Right now, the city needs to focus on providing basic services in every part of the city, especially those that have been ignored. Adequate public transportation is one of those basic services, and I will push for getting our bus system back in line with service demands, particularly for working people outside the downtown core.

Our city's approach to urban renewal needs to change. I'd encourage your consideration of a detailed white paper on this subject that you can find on my website. I believe that urban renewal districts can and should continue, but with a more narrow purpose and a limited time frame. And, we should be wary of creating new districts until we've retired some of the existing ones.

It's important to note that urban renewal siphons money away from basic services. By enabling some URAs to expire, we can free up the potential to use the tool where it is more needed and maximize the potential of local general fund revenue streams.

The Portland Development Commission should continue in the direction it's been moving: working at the neighborhood level - with local residents - to help create opportunities for job growth, economic development and access to capital.

Basic services, no more streetcars, better bus service, go slow on "urban renewal areas," PDC with a modest role... That's candidate Char-Lie. Will it be Mayor Char-Lie? We seriously doubt it.

You have to listen carefully, people. The weasel words fly every time Hales flaps his lips:

"I do not support streetcar expansion until..."

"we should be wary of creating new districts until..."

"we can free up the potential to use the tool..."

Portland taxpayers had better invest in some new fine-toothed combs, because come January, they're going to need them to sort through the pronouncements of the Oregon Voter from Camas.

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This post and the links need to be archived and brought out regularly through Hales's stay in office. I know I will do just that. Like it will matter, I guess.

One thing I will say for the man, he has a lot of white papers on his website. I guess that's what he's been up to lately.

I didn't realize that the Mayor's office also runs the bus system and the PDC.

Maybe the new office title should be CityBusPDC Czar.

Glad he didn't mention running the School District as they look like they already have enough CHAOS on their hands.

Jack, sorry to say it but I don't think either of your cats is going to get enough write-ins after this endorsement:


Your cats will need to hurry up and start their own pressure group, or else accept dog leadership!

Wait, we're already getting that...

Clever worded Charlie!
He hasn't been given a pass for nothing on the issue of living in Washington.
In my opinion the way it works in our city, is a "pass for perks." Isn't that why Sam continues to deliver?
We should also be very concerned with Hales here on his particular revolving doors, public to private and back to public.

Look at the bright side of all this.

At least somebody's going to have a decent job around here...

What does it say about the Portland electorate when we seem to have a fondness for electing politicians who are either liars, pedophiles, or both?

Say whatever to get elected, then once in office shut the door except by admission (minimum "donation" $10,000.)

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