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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Char-Lie jerks around some more on campaign cash limits

Even in apparent victory, Portland's next mayor just can't help breaking the promises he made to the public just a few months ago. There's such a strong odor of sleaze emanating from a guy who was already exuding quitter. He may not punch you in the face or the privates, but he and his greasy "deputies" are going to take your wallet for quite a ride.

We will not be a party to this. We're writing in Lavonne Griffin-Valade, the city auditor, for mayor.

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"I hear that train a-comin'
It's rollin' 'round the bend
And I ain't seen the sunshine
Since I don't know when...."

Click this, Char-Lie:

LOL at Mojo and Johnny!!!! Will work with this sweet image and sentiment in social media! Enough is Enough... Solidarity Against Austerity!

In an interview with City Hall Watch, Hales rejected the idea that he was backtracking on his limit of $600 per person or entity and instead called his new rule an adjustment.

Clever Charlie with words again.
He likes that word adjustment.
Came in handy years ago as Planning Commissioner, adjustments to the codes.

Jack, is LaVonne actively running? Is she mounting any sort of campaign? Would she even accept if she somehow won?

Are there any write-in candidates out there who ARE campaigning?

CharLIEs making an "adjustment" alright. Instead of all fingers up in a friendly wave, we now have just the middle finger up - way FFFing up you all.

Any one actively campaigning as a write in?

Scotty "One Note" Fernandez is working hard to become the Harold Stassen of Portland.

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