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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Detroit has won the American League championship -- the pennant, as we used to call it -- and advances to play in the World Series, probably against St. Louis. We recall a wag at Mad magazine, who wrote this famous parody about 50 years ago:

Tigers, Tigers burning bright
In the ball parks of the night
Your pitching's fair, your field adroit,
So why no pennants for Detroit?

You blaze around the big league parks
With bats that fairly give off sparks,
But when they total up the score...
You've lost again to Baltimore.

The Cleveland Indians go to work.
They beat you good; so does New York.
When Boston adds a mortal blow,
All you can shout's "Look out below!"

Tigers, Tigers, burning bright
In the ball parks of the night.
Someday the fans will get their fill
And ship the team to Louisville.

Tonight the ballclub has answered that taunt. And the Yankees have unraveled completely. Condolences to our readers in Gotham.

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Don't forget: the great Sparky Anderson answered that taunt long ago.

You know, this brings up a good point about this year. I've written so many songs that I sometimes wake up with a new line or two in my head. The other day it was, "I've been too long where the politicians rule. I've been too long in the company of fools."

I am not getting anything out of knowing about Jefferson Smith or Charlie Hales. It's not adding anything to our lives. I needed the money so I agreed to interview them and now I'm entangled in this long dreary process.

There are 7 billion of us and some people really inspire you and make life better. They are not just entertaining. They enrich the world.

I want to get back to thinking about the Sparky Andersons of the world. He won World Series in both leagues. Jefferson and Charlie are just one long subtraction from the quality of life. They're shabby people.

Why aren't we thinking about Ray Charles? We could have taken the hours we've spent on Jeffy and Charlie, and put them to such good use: "I've been too long where the politicians rule, I've been too long in the company of fools."

My Dad was a huge Mad Magazine guy back in the day. I don't like actual parody songs, but I loved reading the parody lyrics, and all the other stuff in the early Mad Magazine. Remember Spy vs. Spy? Remember Don Martin?

When this wretched campaign is over, I'm going to return to the good stuff: Music, Sports and Comedy. These politicians suck the joy from the world and they can go to hell. It's all about them and they don't give you any worthwhile feelings in return.

I think I'm going to watch the World Series.

Remember Spy vs. Spy? Remember Don Martin?

Oh do I ever. My Dad used to buy us every Mad magazine. My favorite read from age 7-13.

The 1968 Tigers answered that taunt well before Sparky. In fact, 50 years ago, the Tigers were nipping at the heels of the Mantle-Maris era Yankees. Methinks the poem's author just wanted to rhyme "adroit" with Detroit.

I saw mention of that 1968 championship but thought it was more sporting to go from my personal memories. I remember a young Kirk Gibson, Jack Morris and the catcher who I just looked up: Lance Parrish.

As a Yankee fan for 55 years, I want to congratulate your Tigers for a great post-season.

But, even more, I want to thank you for the text of the Tiger, Tiger from Mad Magazine....I was thinking about it this morning as I was walking in the park and for years I couldn't remember the couplet that ends the third verse. I decided that Google, being the font of all knowledge, might dredge them up for me, and there they were.

I think I was in 4th grade when I read it.

Hank in Albuquerque

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