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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Casino dudes give up

"The Grange" is dead. Let's turn the old dog track into open space.

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The Grange sounded like The Scam anyway.

I like open space in a part of Multnomah County that today has only a fraction of what it once did.

Perhaps instead of a dog track, a dog park? Plow the whole thing under, plant trees and grass and some meandering pathways, fence the whole thing in and let Fido off his leash.

Is that really going to matter, this late in the game?

One thing I've found amusing is the ad where the construction worker makes a pitch for it: it'll bring jobs, and give him a chance to get back on his feet.

Really? Does he get a guaranteed job if the deal goes through?

After reading that the proposed casino had not negotiated the use of the name 'The Grange' from The National Grange, I began to have doubts as to the backers' managerial savvy.

Does he get a guaranteed job if the deal goes through?

He gets a job for six months.

Yeah, great idea, 'cause what Multnomah County and Wood Village really need is more tax exempt real estate.


Sounds like someone from the Confederated Tribes made them an offer they couldn't refuse.

what Multnomah County and Wood Village really need is more tax exempt real estate.

How much property tax is the empty dog track generating? The next thing you know, they'll offer some cr-apartment artist a decade or two of tax holiday to build schlock on the site.

Nah, they will put it in an urban renewal district (if it isn't already in one) and then make it a sustainability center, light rail hub or new county headquarters.



Yet Abe Vigoda and Jefferson Smith live on?

I really enjoyed the NO ON 82 & 83 signs all over Spirit Mountain Casino.

How much property tax is the empty dog track generating?

Well, if I'm reading it right, $181,274.67, or was that a rhetorical question?

The problem with that part of town is that there is plenty of undeveloped residential land, undeveloped commercial land, undeveloped industrial land. About the only thing that makes sense is some kind of an entertainment complex, or an enclosed shopping mall. And nobody seems to be clamoring to build either - except the casino folks, which has its own political issues.

The "open space" may, sadly, be the most reasonable option for now. Not that it's needed, but at least it's better than an abandoned race track, better than a casino, and better than another Bridgeport Village.

Oh cool, so The Grunge won. Perfect timing for a creepy, Halloween-themed casino!

bring back the dog track. much funner than another freakin casino

Oh boy, just what we need, more green space and no right turns
for cars either.

Looks like the morality police won, congratulations. One more business run out of town. Before it even got started.

Looks like a lot of BlueOregon folks are getting pink slips ...

Geez, a crook can't make an honest dollar these days. And surely it is getting harder to launder all those "other" dollars through a casino too.

Good thing Romney's buddy in Las Vegas still has the means.

There is already a Walmart down there, just a couple miles away. And a Target, Freddie's, and Lowe's.

The two Lake Oswego buisnessmen who want this should look at their own county - Clackamas instead. I wish I could find pictures of them so I could verbally abuse them if I ever saw them. I wish they could take Merrit Paulson with them as well.

Just heard an interesting rumor: they Pro-Casino folks are just playing possum.

They're hoping most voters will simply leave that portion of the ballot blank, thinking Measures 82 and 83 folded their cards.

Meanwhile, the whisper campaign continues to reinforce the necessity of voting yes if you want a new casino built.

The No votes decline, the Yes votes surge: SUCKERS!

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