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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Can't win for losing

Just when New Jersey attracts the NCAA basketball tournament to Newark for March Madness, it goes and starts up legalized sports gambling, which chases the college athletics gods away. Said gods are total hypocrites, of course, but it's their ball, and they can take it home. That's one less town competing with Portland for the spring tourney. Oregon ditched the "lottery's" pro football book to get the college games here.

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I'd rather have legalized sports gambling, than some overpriced first round march madness tournament.

C'mon Justin. Sacrificing a few million in state revenue is well worth it for the privilege of seeing North Carolina A&T play Bucknell.

Always found it curious that the NCAA and that Gangster David Stern of the NBA had a problem with Oregons lottery game, but NO issue with playing in Vegas.

It's no big secret that Las Vegas is a good bet to land a NBA team sometime in the future. The Maloof family, who own the Sacramento Kings franchise, already have casino properties in Las Vegas. And I'm sure it's not a stretch for them to convince the other team owners to outvote Commissioner Stern and move a team there,
And there is a nice local Nevada "handle" on bets made on the UNLV and Nevada college teams.

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