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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Big quake off B.C. coast

About an hour ago, a 7.7. Followed by a 5.8 and 4.8 a few minutes ago. They are talking tsunami, but apparently not this far south. Let's hope for the best.

UPDATE, 9:28 p.m.: Here's a tsunami arrival time map, but otherwise, the NOAA tsunami site seems to be down. Probably overwhelmed.

UPDATE, 9:33 p.m.: Here's a message that seems to indicate that barring another big shaker, everything will be o.k. in the lower 48 and Hawaii.

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Southern Oregon still in the warning zone, although the projections seem to indicate a 6-inch surge. Not over, though.


"This was a big earthquake, the biggest earthquake we’ve had in Canada since 1949,” Simon Fraser University (SFU) geologist John Clague told the Sun.

"I think we were fortunate that the epicenter was in a very sparsely populated area. Had that occurred close to an urban area it would have been a total disaster.”


Pretty big aftershock...


Did not occur on the Cascadia Subduction Zone...yet

A friend who lives in Santa Clarita reports a Big Bang and a roll this am about 8 am.

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