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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beaverton "urban renewal" already a fiasco

It's less than a year old, and already the situation with the money is all screwed up. The Don triumphs again. Good luck, taxpayers out there! You are going to need it.

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And if you hadn't guessed, here's the money quote: "The shortfall will not impact the district’s spending plans."

Because, why should it? It's only fake future money.

Property values in the district fell 11% in one year? Can that be true? Maybe in the crisis of 2009, but over the last year? Something is fishy.

So now we have public official Patrick O'Claire claiming that a drop in property values affecting tax revenue is a criteria in determining that an area is proof that it needs urban renewal.

That means the whole state and nation is one big urban renewal potential. How disgusting. And I don't think he said it in jest. That is why our legislature needs to better define and enforce the true meaning of "blight".

The Don doesn't care...he's got his salary no matter what, and he's been perfecting screwing the taxpayer for 25+ years.

What the hell in Beaverton is "blight"?

What the hell in Beaverton is "blight"?

Nothing. It's almost as ridiculous as Washington County's attempt to call farmland in North Bethany "blighted". All things considered, The 'Tron's generally a pretty nice place, and the Urban Renewal schemes, even in the short term, has already started screwing up the city's quality of life.

The misuse of UR in the region is staggering. It's even starting to spread to Forest Grove, of all places.

"The shortfall will not impact the district’s spending plans. The agency borrowed $100,000 from the city of Beaverton Oct. 2, which will cover all expenditures this year, O’Claire said”.

Only in The Don's world.....

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