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Monday, October 8, 2012

Bad news in Corvallis

The quarterback who's led the Beavers to a national ranking needs knee surgery.

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Ouch! On so many levels.
I hope this young man has a plan B career plan.

Sounds like it's a miniscus problem, though, which is far better than a MCL or ACL.

I hope you are right, Dave J. The Beavers have done so well this year. This is a heartbreaker. OSU is still an Oregon school. At UofO (or UC-Nike as Jack calls it) they don't even talk about their "team." They talk about their "brand." OSU is what we true believers have left. If there is anything left.

Interesting game against BYU this Sat... who have the same QB knee injury as the Beavs. Epidemic!

Key phrase: "Not season ending." 2 to 4 weeks.
Let's hope that's all.
I believe Mike Riley is the nicest coach in America, and this season has been sweet justice so far.

Hopefully this is just something where they stick the scope in, remove a bit of loose or torn tissue to clean it up, and he's back in practice in two weeks. In the meantime, the backup QB is supposedly pretty good too, just inexperienced. I think I like the Beavs in the win over BYU because even BYU fans admit that their backup QB is terrible.

This will be a defensive showdown.

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