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Friday, October 12, 2012

As Nutsy flames out, Nurse Amanda is a must-keep

Now that it's clear that Char-Lie will be the next mayor of Portland, it's time to focus on the Nolan-Fritz race for the City Council seat being vacated by a big-time Nutsy Smith supporter, Admiral Randy. With Hales primed to send every public penny he can to developer types like Homer Williams and Mark Edlen -- Lincoln High School will be replaced by apartments, the Convention Center hotel will go up, and don't be surprised if the sustainability center is resurrected -- Nolan would be a disaster. She is clearly coming from the same angle as Hales, much to the real estate weasels' delight, only with an even higher level of arrogance. Her husband, Mark Gardiner, was a big player in the first PGE Park rehab fiasco; he funneled money for Goldschmidt on the state investment council, and his fingerprints extend even to the OHSU aerial tram [rim shot].

Let's face it, Fritz can be as thick as the rest of them, but at least she goes her own way once in a while. Nolan is Goldschmidt Party, through and through, and installing her on the council with Hales, Novick, Saltzman, and Jelly Fish would continue the excesses of the dark Katz-Adams period, maybe even make them worse. While we've got the clothespin on our nose and are voting for Obama, we're scanning down and voting for Fritz. She's the only hope for an occasional voice of reason on what is going to be a harrowingly ugly city council.

UPDATE. 11:48 a.m.: As a reader points out, Fritz is actually running to keep her own seat. The Admiral bequeathed his to Novick.

Comments (14)

How is it even an election when there is only one candidate?
Where are we, Belorussia?

How does that sit with state law and the secretary of state?

Jack, on this one I respectfully disagree. Amanda has a record of caving in on all the important issues anyway so it wouldn’t be any different if Nolan was elected. The more important point is to throw out incumbents so these politicians finally get the message.

Mot a huge Fritz fan, but Nolanschmidt?...no way.

I agree completely Jack. She's the only one who has shown a bit of independence.

John B., electing people like Novick and Nolan doesn't register as throwing the bums out. It's recruiting bums who are closer to the one-party line.

Jack- hope your clothespin is the extended wear comfort type. You'll need it for the next four years, regardless of the election outcome.


I have gotten totally sick of these fake liberals that only serve an elite group of insiders and could give a rip about us.

Mary Nolan, faithful servant to the monied and connected - and I am guessing she has little idea she is such.

Agree, about the fake liberals that only serve an elite group ......
very bad scene here in Portland.
The thought of Charlie, Novick and Nolan is in my opinion worse than we have had, nail on coffin time, and I am concerned that our city cannot regain any semblance of a positive direction with those three along with the help of Saltzman and Fish!
We can be sure the insiders want whatever they can get at this point. Shame on them while seeing our city in this downward spiral.

Poor Portland. Once beautiful and innocent (mostly), but not long ago kidnapped and forced to prostitute herself to the smug and arrogant while the pimps make out like bandits.

The Admiral bequeathed his to Novick.

Yes, and for good measure he also endorsed Jefferson who I assume would go along with the grand plan of the Admiral. Jefferson declared he was for fluoride, or will he change his mind now to gain votes back?
Hales, being clever with words might roll back on his word too now that he has seen how many signed the petition??
What is scary about Hales is that he agreed that the council should make this decision! What else would he think the "dictators" should decide for our community?
This is especially outrageous to think that the council can be in a position to medicate our water!!
Over 43,000 signed petitions to put this to a public vote!!
We do care about what we drink.
We do care about a democratic process.
As for the children, we very much care for them.
They have many needs, nutritionally and dental help, our community can do better than just drinking fluoride which is questionable at best. Do the research.

Mr. Grumpy,
You got it down. I have thought of it as a beautiful city, a plum, and then a "plum of a place" ripe and ready to be picked for the scene you described and they won't stop until they have picked us clean!
Shame on every one of them that is part of this insider group and that includes almost every elected official, who hasn't been forced but has chosen to go along!!

Portland: Where we bitch and complain about "the one percenters", but then we GLEEFULLY vote in the 1% to run our city government because we trust wealthy and mostly out-of-state real estate developers to do the right thing.

Just as long as they aren't employed by a bank, auto manufacturer, petroleum company, or WalMart. (IKEA, Target, WinCo and Fred Meyer/Kroger are OK, though.) And preferably someone who likes to have manufacturing done anywhere but Portland, but not China. Japan is good. Vietnam is good. Just not China. Or Portland. We don't want to live near a iPhone factory.

Erik H.,
Don't know that we anymore gleefully vote in. . . .
I will state again, the choke-hold orchestrated on our elections here have left many not at all gleeful about those "chosen" for us by the insiders/press.

Thanks for the update. I was too confused to frame a question.

While most of the City Council – especially the Sam-Rand twins - continue their rein of dictating to the people; Amanda is the only one that seems to have has any conception concerning “of the people, by the people, for the people”. She however must pick her battles.

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