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Sunday, October 7, 2012

And monkeys could quite possibly fly out of my butt

The Timbers are on the road this evening against Seattle, and the Portland soccer children are nattering on about how a win would clinch the local cup for Portland. They're either not noticing or not mentioning that the one and only time the Timbers have won an away game this year was a preseason game in Los Angeles on February 7. That was eight months ago.

UPDATE, 8:58 p.m.: Timbers 0, Sounders 3.

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Actually, they just need a draw to secure the Cascadia Cup, which would also deny a favorable playoff position to the Flounders. Not much worse than last year's Blazers season.

On the road, Portland is 0-11-4. A tie percentage of .267. Good luck.

The Portland Tie-ers.

i'll be pulling for the portland alaska airlines over the seattle xboxes.

Having never heard or seen the "CASCADIA CUP", I can't help wondering if looks anything like MY first cup when I was catcher for my 6th grade baseball team.

Can I get a bet down for a zero/zero thriller final score? Sorry... I guess in soccerspeak it's "nil, nil"?

So far, the Termites are down 3-0, with two own-goals (they only had one all season until tonight). They seem shell-shocked.

I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that they aren't going to equalize in front of the huge Seattle crowd. Must-win at Vancouver now.

That's okay, all of the construction porn down at the old baseball park was worth it, right? Let me know when we pay off the *last* remodel from 2000...


I would think Little Lord P will be in an absolute hissy fit!!

So the Cascadia Cup is like the Nobel Peace Prize?

The Cascadia Cup is like the Stanley Cup because MLS is also on thin ice.

Winning the "Cascadia Cup" is like having the best preseason record.

"Timbers 0, Sounders 3."

Sounds like a real bad real football game. They should at least give the Timbers a participation award.

I might pay money to see that, Jack, but not the Timbers.

Nah, not even that.

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