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Thursday, October 4, 2012

An unwanted chihuahua

We didn't expect any of the players in our charity pro football underdog game to take the one-point Rams in tonight's game, and none of them did. At this writing, they are ahead, 10-3, at home.

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Don't misunderestimate the Rams these days. They have a great field goal kicker who nails them fro 60 yards, etc. I would have gone for te bait on that one but who wants to waste their time with one point?

Right-O, U.K. Interesting game, though. Both those teams are dangerous opponents. Defenses are showing us great stuff so far this year in the NFL.

I didn't catch the game. The stats show 14 punts and Kolb got sacked 7 times. No more than 300 yards of total offense for either team. Yep it was a night for the defense.

The rookie kicker on the Rams is perfect so far. Including hitting his first three field goals in the pro's from 50+ yards, which apparently no one else has ever done.

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