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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

46 press releases, but about what?

Her opponents are giving Oregon secretary of state Kate Brown a hard time. Yesterday she endured the indignity of having to go to Bend and defend her record in office. Her strongest opponent, Knute Buehler, kept using the word "underperforming." Sounds about right to us. Between the labor commissioner election date fiasco and negligently letting the Portland school board scofflaws go free, we'd give her a pretty weak grade.

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I keep confusing her with Kate Smith

I can hardly wait until the election is over. I keep seeing campaign signs for Buehler driving on Highway 26. Every time I see one I think of Ben Stein taking roll. “Buehler, Buehler, Buehler”; it is like getting a song stuck in your head. I add insult to injury by saying it out loud imitating Stein’s voice to annoy my wife. We both however are going to vote for him. Heck, it was Ferris spelled “ Bueller” anyway.

I think Buehler will be my token Republican vote this election. Specifically, I'm drawn to his promise to do long overdue reviews of Oregon's regulations, which could definitely use some editing. It always seems like Salem identifies a problem, and then thinks that creating piles of paper will fix it via sweeping regs. Sometimes this works, other times it's a needless burden.

Ms. Brown has served competently in a complex office. As a small business owner, my dealings with the Corporations Division have been just fine. As she points out "it is not an entry level position" and, often overlooked, the SoS is first in line of succession to the Governor's office. I prefer someone who has had at least a modicum of experience with the state. The Oregonian's editorial rationale of "let someone else try it for awhile" is ludicrous and irresponsible.

Ms. Brown has served competently in a complex office.

Ms. Brown has served incompetently in a complex office.

Fixed it for ya. No charge; happy to help.

"46 press releases on the 'net, 46 press releases on the 'net -- Ya take one down and pass it around, 45 press releases on the 'net..."

Much additional information about Kate Brown's reign of electoral error is available at Robert Wolfe's Campaign Website.

My campaign page contains lots on Brown, too. http://seth4sos.org

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