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Monday, September 17, 2012

Where the wild things are

Why, at 28th and Burnside, of course:

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I think it's a little silly to reinstall those obsolete rings in new replaced curbs. It cheapens their value as a historic curiosity.

I think that is a new product from one of those PDX seedy slush fund start-ups...

Ha ha! Was just by there on foot yesterday at all four corners and missed it.

Summer's Almost Gone

(caution: some glimpses within that very rare video treasure may not be SFW).

The idiots running City Hall would be trying to ban horses and buggys if we still had them around.

Maybe...the horse poop is so compostable...
Nice tunes Mojo

Sometimes seeing little things like that make me wish I still lived in PDX.

Thx for the great song.
Soon we will all be
Waiting for the Sun
so tonight i think I will go for a
Moonlight Drive
with my
Wild Child

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