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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Travels with Nutsy

The O takes a stab at the Jeffer-Sam Smith story here. They soft-pedal some things. They don't wonder why he was never admitted to law practice in New York, although he did pass the bar exam there. That's odd. They also say he "didn't shine" at his Portland law firm. That's an interesting way of putting it. The guy reportedly was a Grade A goldbrick.

You can't vote for him, but you can't vote for Char-Lie either. Your best choice is a write-in. We're writing in LaVonne Griffin-Valade for mayor.

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I see that Scott Fernandez, who lost in the primary, is actually conducting a write-in campaign. He has a large ad in the October issue of the SE Examiner.

We supported Scott in the primary, and he would be a fine write-in as well. It depends on whether you'd like to make a negative statement about the water bureau in particular (Fernandez) or the city's irresponsible spending and bad management generally (Griffin-Valade).

If the write-ins fail, then the solution is to recall liar or nutsy, then have Griffin-Valade and Fernandez run. Sanity prevails.

But in the months to get the recall through I think we'll have some great theater.

You are all deep in denial.

I'm not. Either Hales or Smith is going to win, and there isn't going to be any recall. But neither one will get my vote. At some point you have to give City Hall just what it gives you -- the middle finger.

Has anyone ever been a more blatant butt-kisser than TorridJoe? Any story with even a whiff of a Jeffy reference and Torrid is right there, panting like a dog in heat. There are stalkers who don't come off this creepy.

Anyway I was scrolling down the comments on this article, and got to this by TorridJoe: "Hey, I'd love a policy analysis job in a Smith administration. That's what I'm good at. I see no need to be embarrassed about wanting to work for someone I believe can make a real difference. I expect nothing, however."

Then he does the classic hyperventilating bit where he immediately comments on his last comment:

"(I should add that I expect nothing--and we've not had the first exchange about any such job, hypothetical or otherwise. It's illegal to promise anything, to start with, and for another thing he's kinda busy--we don't talk much about anything at all)."

I love it when they're unintentionally funny: "We don't talk much about anything at all." Well, that part of the story checks out.

At this point TorridJoe screamed out Jefferson's name and yelled, "Oh my God, I'm coming." - but he'll back at it tomorrow. After cuddling up to a picture of his hero - and potential boss if this thing breaks right for him.


TorridJoe, a.k.a. Mark Bunster, already has a city job, but he thinks he's going to get a much better one. Yuck.

There's a potential rationale for voting for Hales and Obama even though you are disgusted with both for different reasons: Obama to keep Romney from picking the next Supreme Court Justices, and Hales to keep Smith from picking Torrid Joe as a policy analyst: "That's what I'm good at."

Who wants to see Jefferson Smith's inauguration as mayor, with Torrid Joe up there kneeling next to him, violently humping his leg?

Good luck on the write-in angle.

And thanks for keeping me up-to-date on reasons for not living in Potland.

TorridJoe: "Hey, I'd love a policy analysis job in a Smith administration. That's what I'm good at. I see no need to be embarrassed about wanting to work for someone I believe can make a real difference. I expect nothing, however."

Smith doesn't need or want you on his staff. You are perfect where you are. Plug in a few Ethernet cables in your IT job after your morning coffee and then hit the blog and newspaper comment sections regurgitating the Daily Talking Points. Any idiot can do that and be quite useful to Nutsy. And, no, Mark Bunster, that is not "policy analysis".

Why would he need to pay Mark Bunster when he already gets it for free? Let Jay Guo, PFD IT mgr, or the fire chief Erin Janssens manage the Bunster.

I don't understand the infatuation that some in Portland have with Jeff's social/economic ideology of collectivism.

Why would he need to pay Mark Bunster when he already gets it for free?

You're making an assumption there - one that I've wondered about. I remember reading that Carla at Blue Oregon was paid by the Smith campaign for social media during the primaries. Something like 12 grand. I also remember reading that Carla and Torrid were blog partners from the Loaded Orygun days. If that's not true, I apologize.

Anyway, could Torrid Joe be getting paid now for this, or is it all just one long job application?

The immediate gut reaction is, "Who would pay money for this work?" I mean you can practically feel the nervous sweat dripping on his keyboard.

On the other hand, who would be so diligent about it if he wasn't getting paid? Especially when his old pal Carla was paid?

That of course could bring up some interesting questions if Torrid Joe was doing this at work. If the city is paying a Smith campaign worker doing his job, there could be a problem there.
Let's put it this way: There should be a problem if that is true. Once again, I only am basing this on what I read. I have no knowledge that Torrid Joe even has a job with Smith or the city - I certainly wouldn't hire him for anything.

I think the Oregonian reporter should look down and count the Torrid Joe comments on her piece and realize she should check this out. But of course, that would be investigative reporting and who needs the hassle? One thing's for sure: Not voting for Jefferson Smith will ensure that Torrid Joe doesn't end up employed as a policy analyst for the city of Portland.

It also dawned on me that I come off like I was paid to slam Jefferson Smith. No, not a cent. I just met him and realized what a jerk he was, and felt like I owed it to Portland. In fact, interviewing Jefferson Smith cost me money and hurt my small business, so it is a little irritating hearing him flap his lips about what a friend to small business he is.

Mainly though, I'm doing this for Portland. On a personal level, I'm starting to feel excited because, win or lose, this thing is almost over.

Speaking of Carla, I noticed that she's on the payroll for "The Grange." I'd love to hear her "progressive" position on burning Oregon tribes' only business to help some Canadian fat cats get even fatter.

Speaking of Mark Bunster. I was struck by his comment, "I'd love a policy analysis job in a Smith administration. That's what I'm good at."

It seems that Mark has been stuck as a "Applications Analyst IIā€Generalist" with the City of Portland for some time. Not really a policy analysis job.

He's a computer programmer. A computer programmer with a lot of free time to blog and comment on blogs.

Bill: You're right. Torrid Mark, does have a habit of hyperventilating. I found yet another case of him commenting on his own comment (during work hours, too). He a Jefferson are made for each other.

Flash election in the style of flash mobbing, overnight swarm for a write-in candidate, dark horse galloped into the light, I wonder if that's possible by 'social media,' in the world tomorrow. If it works for PDX mayor, I wonder if it could scale, for state- or federal-sized flash plebiscite.

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