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Saturday, September 15, 2012

They aren't paper trained

Players in our charity pro football underdog game, don't forget to make your selection for the weekend if you have not already done so. All picks for the week are due by 10 a.m. West Coast time tomorrow. The slate of games is here. Remember the object of the game: to choose an underdog (in caps) who you think can win its game outright, without the benefit of the point spread. If your 'dog wins, you get the points that the 'dog was favored to lose by. Do you go long with the Cardinals? Take a little flyer in Miami? With 19 weeks to go, it's entirely up to you.

Six players took a shot with the Thursday night game, but the Cheeseheads whacked the Bearss, and therefore those players come up empty for the week.

We've got 42 players on board, and so our winners' favorite charities will pick up a total of at least $840. And we have a generous sponsor on the line who may match some of the prizes -- more on that next week. Good luck with the pickin', peeps.

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I propose a toast to your generous sponsor who wants to match some prizes, and if I end up “in the money,” I’ll gladly double my share! Go Jets!

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