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Friday, September 7, 2012


We thought we felt it. Now the TV talking heads confirm that it happened: a 3.5 over near the 1993 spring break quake site, about an hour ago.

We suspect that something shaky will be happening over by McMinnville over the next day or so. In the recent past, the two areas have seemed to us to be related seismically. Just an uninformed guess. Meanwhile, let's hope something bigger doesn't follow tonight's little shaker.

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How do I land a job as a Federal Earthquake Certifier Level IV? We can't just accept these reports without a government investigation, can we?

I found this document for certification. I'll keep looking but I'm not sure it applies to a level IV job:
Certification and Accreditation Process Handbook for Certifiers. http://csrc.nist.gov/publications/secpubs/otherpubs/CA_Handbook.pdf

And since a tea cup was rattled in Guv Kitz' first girlfriend's Mahonia Hall suite, expect there to be an outcry of how we are unprepared for the Big One and need to invest billions---when any actual damage would probably come from a tsunami instead.

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