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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Manhunt is on in Lake Oswego

Apparently the murder suspect is Dan Fogelberg.

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It's commonly thought that most Fogelberg songs heard on crackly a.m. radio stations late at night are suicide-inducing.

Mostly I wanted to kill him.

No, seriously, in fairness to Fogelberg, he was a great songwriter, at least for a while, and he is missed. God rest his soul. It's just a cheap joke.

I actually like his music a lot, it just gets so wistful that I feel like I'm stuck in a weird memory limbo circa 1977...

The first record, "Home Free," is one of the best albums I have ever heard. Top 100 for sure.

When they do finally arrest this guy, it's going to be interesting to read his full rap sheet and the exact disposition of those many arrests. I'll wager there were plenty of plea bargains and suspended sentences dished out.

Cops always tell the stories of why a man with a knife can best a cop with a gun at close quarters. This is the kind of guy they are talking about.

Lessee, tattoos, long hair, unemployed and, in general, bad attitude.

He should go to Pioneer Square, they'll never find him in the crowd.

"He also uses public transportation and travels by foot extensively."

Once he gets on MAX, they'll never find him.

At 6 ft 5 in tall and all the neo Nazi tatoos all over his body, you would think even the PoPo could find him. But I will wager he is long gone from these parts. eventually some law enforcement somewhere will get him for something else.

LO. Random killing during burglary. 6:30 am after taking fluffy for a walk. Prior to street cars. WTF??

Buy and carry, concealed not open. And then hope & pray you are a quick draw and a good aim. Practice, and more practice. Keep your defense attorney on speed dial!

Gee...Harry...make my day?
I don't care to live in Tombstone or Kabul. I feel safer in Cnanda where responsible gun ownership is the norm not the exception.

"I feel safer in Cnanda"

Oh yeah? Then why don't you move to Cnanda (wherever the heck that is) if it is so much better than Portland?

Sorry for the typo....I did mean to write Canada..but you don't need to be nasty...actually I spend my allotted 6 months there most years...
And actually it is a good deal nicer, mainly because people like yourself do not live there.

Harry, at close range, you don't need to have very good aim.

Agree with Harry. Makes no sense.

"... brown hair and blue eyes. ... the words “Neo Nazi” tattooed ... the word "Hate" tattooed ... and a skull and Viking .... They said the tattoos are mostly white supremacist images."

Picture the misguided outcast younger victims of Lars, I mean 'audience.' That's what they look like. They are supposed to be replacement crop for Lars' more mainstay 'type' of local crumbs fallen from Limbaugh's loaf, risen bulbous and nationalistic among non-working (un-taxed) midday listeners having yeasty 3-beer lunch in their Foreign-war Lounge of Lore, among veteran haters there popping alcoholic corpuscles ever since World Peace ended their careers. Only difference is that 30-something derelicts hate society for not adoring them war-wage honor, while 60-, 70-somethings in destitution hate society bypassing theirs. Both sub'types' swallow hate bites daily trying to treat their pain. HateRadio audience expires in old-agers faster than it inspires in young-agers. And shrinking audience moreover hates going extinct.

"Meiser has an extensive criminal history ... arrested in nine states for crimes ... spent a lot of time in prison and correctional facilities."

I've heard told there is early release for inmates with outside sponsors for a day job ... no questions asked about the private contract 'job' or vocation track that's sponsored, after wardens get a bounty, I mean ransom, so-called 'bail.' Told by some who know a list of wardens, who they're holding, and their off-hours appetites. Cops need crimes for further work, and criminals on-call performing; same as 'security' salesmen need terrified citizens paying for protection from spy-craft spookiness.

Sort of the way preachers baiting outcasts offer room and board and avenue for down-trodden souls who swallow and regurgitate some dogma first -- no revitalization without proselytization. Similar the way illegal immigrants and inmates get free and legal citizenship -- Defense tax pays for it, DREAM on -- by doing jobs Americans won't do such as cannon fodder in the breach of national war crimes.

Tensky -

What planet are you on?

Planet of the Tapes. Planet of the Stakes. Planet of the Rakes. Planet of the Cakes.

But seriously, I made a trip to Salem today, and was horrified by the stream of very young transients I passed, hanging out on I5, with their cardboard signs, wispy hair, and vacant expressions. One of them had a pretty, faun-colored pit bull, nose in the air, ears flat, sniffing the airwaves with his eyes half-shut. I contemplated an imaginary conversation involving trying to talk the owner out of his dog, for a price. Somehow, it occurred to me that it would probably be an interaction that would not end well.

LO town leaders used to want the city to stay OFF the beaten tracks. It stayed nice because the roads dead-ended here. You couldn't get from one place to another by going through LO - by design, and the city was mainly for the locals. - humble and not so very chi-chi. Somewhere along the line the old-timers died off and the younger punks (baby-boomers really) started thinking about tourism, prettifying the town, and prestige. Now we are on people's radars, and it isn't a good thing. Just like Portland, the wisdom of the lat generation did not get passed down. Too bad - so sad. Fools and dangerous people are running amok.

I had to chuckle with amusement when reading yesterday's story in the
Oregonian about the failure of the Lake Oswego police department to
identify and arrest the man who was wanted for an alleged murder in of one of their own citizens in their burb. Despite a nation wide manhunt alert, they could not identify the most wanted man to hit that city in years? But, my, my, they manage to be right on top of ticketing teenagers who are in their city parks 15 minutes past curfew, and they are really on top of initiating and carrying out stings to ticket drivers failing to stop for people in the crosswalks of downtown. What a Barney Fife organization!

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