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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Horrible reporting by Portland media in L.O. stabbing

Let's see... The guy stabbed him outside his house while he was walking his dog... no, wait, the guy barged into the house and stabbed him... it was a robbery... no, wait, it wasn't a robbery, it was a random stranger-on-stranger stabbing.

Oh, and the guy was wearing a "headwrap." Exactly what in God's creation is a "headwrap"? Is that like a turban, or like a do-rag, or something else? And he's carrying "edge weapons." Pardon us as we pause to get our Funk & Wagnalls on the way to barricading our doors.

Not that the police were making matters any clearer. By mid-afternoon they were telling the public to avoid Tryon Creek State Park. Given that the attack happened at 6:30 in the morning, that may not have been the most timely warning ever issued.

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Sounds like the O is outsourcing its content. The Chicago Tribune got into serious trouble a few months back by doing the same thing, and discovering that its content provider was paying literal pennies for said content. All that mattered was "fast" instead of "good", leading to Tribune editors discovering that some of its new writers were either fabricating or plagiarizing their quotes. (Well, it's either that or someone in Marketing brought in a son/daughter/nephew/niece who would do anything to get into journalism. For the O's sake, I hope it's the former.)

Erp. I really need to stop freebasing Preparation H in the morning. The sad fact was that I read the first article, and I've become so inured to site headers that I read it as O content. Apologies.

Little known fact: Sam Adams appointed turban guy to the Foster Road stakeholder advisory committee.

What more can we expect from Government News Services?

It's the shock that something bad could happen in LO!
Once the train is completed lots of 20-40 year old males with "edge weapons" and wearing "head wraps" will have easy access to the inner sanctum of the 1%.

A head wrap is like a sandwich wrap only bigger.

It's lame that this thread is devoted to mocking the media. This thread reeks of sarcasm and cheap shots at city government. Why not actually engage in a meaningful dialogue about news media? This isn't even worth my time.

Cute girl - this thread isn't the entity that dropped the invite to mock the media on our doorstep.

People take cheep shots at our local media because they appear to be immune to constructive criticism that would improve their product.

I noticed the same factual conflicts. I also saw references (elsewhere) to robbery as a motive: if so, what was taken (or attempted)?

It appears to be a 1% assasination by OWS inspired crowd based (purely) on the perp's appearance. If he made it to downtown Portland, he'll blend in with the masses of unwashed.

Cute Girl:

It's hard NOT to mock the inept driver that's trying parallel park when they continue to hit the car in front and behind in spite of being more than enough room to do it right.

Those of us that have been around for a while have difficulty watching the slow motion destruction of a once respected institution that is committing suicide by incompetence.

Can YOU avoid snickering when someone hits their own thumb with a hammer? Repeatedly?

Cute Girl,
Be sure to close the door on your way out.

It appears to be a 1% assasination by OWS inspired crowd based (purely) on the perp's appearance.

Mr. T, you've been to too many of those Romney/Leder fundraisers. That's not nice. Go back to making your spicy tomato juice with the Ms.

Looks like it's just the O's "Keep Portland Weird" version of the greatest story ever told. Should have an Alfred Newman soundtrack playing with it on their website. Make that Alfred E. Newman....

It appears to be a 1% assasination by OWS inspired crowd based (purely) on the perp's appearance.

To me it either sounds like a targeted killing based on some relationship as of yet unknown between the attacker and the victim, or a completely random crime perpetrated by a person who is either insane or under the influence of drugs.

The way all kinds of drugs including prescription drugs are pushed on our society, and combinations of, anything is possible.

Last few comments were better. I just came here to learn something, and was turned off at first by the sarcastic tone. Thanks for the last few comments. Starbuck, your comment wasn't very nice. :(

ltjd, thanks for your explanation. Helps to better understand where the feelings on the issues presented here lie.

I thought the last few comments to be OT of the Headline (Horrible reporting...)

Continuing OT, regardless of the reporting, the subject of the reporting is quite weird, in a non-Portland sorta way. What am I missing? I think lots...

I suspect that we may be missing some important info. Until then I will take extra precautions to protect myself.

I'd rather be in Lake O. at 6:30 in the morning than over by the QFC on NE 33rd at night...

Lake Noir.

Portland Native: My opposition to the proposed LO streetcar had very little, if anything, to do with the possible introduction of any criminal element. If criminals want to take public transportation to commit crimes in LO, they can do that now by taking several different buses. Also, I can't see criminals taking a slow, putt-putt streetcar to LO, committing whatever mayhem, then standing around and waiting to take the streetcar (or a bus) back to Portland.

I think more crimes (like smash and grab robberies) are committed on the other side of LO by criminals that come off of I-5 or Hwy. 217 and then quickly flee using the same routes.

Besides, if the "crime" concern is that the streetcar will allow black or Hispanic gang bangers to branch out into LO (and I know that's not what you implied, but others certainly have), I just don't see it. Again, that could happen now by taking the bus. Plus, gang bangers that have access to automobiles could be driving to LO and hanging out now if it was "advantageous" for them to do so.

The reason this isn't happening is simple. Because LO is 99.999999% white, they would be immediately identifiable if they were just "hanging around" in groups downtown or in any neighborhood. The LO police would be immediately all over them like, well, white on rice.

A few years back (maybe 2005?), in the Police Log reports in the LO Review, one item was a woman called police because she "saw a black man" walking in her neighborhood. This pretty much sums up what would happen if a bunch of gang bangers appeared in LO by whatever means of transportation.

I think the "suspect" is suspect.

Meh, somethin' in the milk ain't clean with this story, regardless of how it was reported. Time will tell...but I'm betting there was no stranger with knives.

Suspect ID'd as "Alberto Veeohfive."

It sounded like the "shaggy haired stranger" story that Ann Rule talks about in the book about Diane Downs....

That'd be "bushy-haired stranger".

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