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Friday, September 7, 2012

Heresy from Nurse Amanda

Creating jobs is not her No. 1 priority! And she supports the Portland Development Commission "becoming an entrepreneurial organization, rather than relying on tax increment funding." Does that mean it can fail and go out of business?

Meanwhile, her opponent thinks "[w]e should build the first great bridge of the 21st century, not a monument to 20th century standards." And she'll "utilize and expand my strong working relationships with partners at the Port, Metro, the state and 4 counties." We have no doubt about that -- it's part of what scares us about her.

Pick your poison, Portland. With clothespin firmly affixed to our nose, we'll be voting for the Nurse. [Via the O.]

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While Fritz is the one that said "we can't afford not to build" the MLR extension, Nolan helped secure the funding. Both are nimrods, but I agree: the Nurse is the lesser of two evils.

We only seem to get the choices handed to us by local media. Unfortunately, I have to go with Nurse over Neil.

But in the mayor run, we were handed three losers from which to choose. There were other, more credible people out there, but they were excluded.

Richard: We're lucky to have Amanda. Given what's asked of candidates for office these days, we're not going to see anyone running for office save for the most advanced ego-surfers. Barack Obama could well go down in history as our last sane president.

Given their "choices" this year, Portlanders would be better off to send a message by writing in Bozo the Clown for all City positions.

Deny a mandate.


Problem with that ius that those votes will not even be counted unless there are more total write ins than votes for any one candidate in that specific race.

If one is going to make the effort to express the palpable anger and dis satisfaction that so many voters are feeling by doing a write in, then at least, for the Mayor's race, LaVonne Griffin - Valade is a far better expression of that angst than "Bozo the Clown".

In the Council race, I don't think there is any reason to vote for the Viper. Can you imagine a council with Jelly, the Viper and Captain Hook? Whether you support St. Amanda, or just want to vote against the cabal that's been ruining PDX for 20 years, its got to be Fritz over Nolan. A write in, in that race, IMHO, is just a waste of the right to vote.

So. You guys are screwed. The bluing and tattooing are extra cost items.

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