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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fired before she was hired

Portland public schools won't be bringing this bureaucrat on board after all. She flunked the background check that the school district never actually conducted. Stand by for the lawsuit. Hey, maybe this guy is available.

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I'm just waiting for Rudy Crew to hire Peter Cookson.

BTW, this bureaucrat is from Crew's former district.

Maybe Ben Canada is available. Or Steve Goldschmidt.

I smell a post election career for the "Education Mayor"

They most not have googled her name or something.

"must" :-(

Y'know Sam will be looking for work soon and he's always had education and working with teenagers as a priority.

"Or Steve Goldschmidt."

We couldn't afford him (again), besides he probably has Neil coaching him on student improvement issues.

The article in the O it stated "Riddell called the incident “really unfortunate,” and said it has prompted the district to re-examine its hiring process. “We will absolutely go back ... and look at this and tighten our protocols, for sure,” she said.

The bond issue for PPS had better ad an additional few million bucks so PPS can hire several more administrators to oversee the hiring of more administrators.

Public trust? See my foot meet PPS's rear end.

As an ex- PPS employee, I saw this kind of thing all the time - the lack of due diligence in hiring really qualified people is amazing - (just "witness some of the top administrators or regional directors" in the district now.. dysfunction personified). The taxpayers can't afford any more Ben Canadas or Michael REmuses or Vicki Phillips and her perky, blonde side kick from Long Beach Ca!!!... hire them, they fail -then PPS give them a big buy out for failing.... this repeats itself year after year after year. No more of my $$$ is EVER going to PPS....

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