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Monday, August 13, 2012

Yglesias screws up again

The guy at Slate who thinks Portland's economy is doing great also royally screwed up a supposed exposé on Paul Ryan today. Maybe short stories and novels would be better work for him.

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Or coloring books.

I guess that's the risk you take when you regurgitate DNC and Obama campaign talking points without doing some fact checking first. Real fact checking, not Moveon.org fact checking..
Be a journolist and do your freaking job.
For once.

"Be a journolist and do your freaking job."

But the job of a JournoList member was to regurgitate DNC/Obama talking points. Coordinate and advance the left's narrative.

Sadly, there is very little journalism going on, but more cheerleading and JournoListing. That is why this blog is so popular with Indies and critical thinking lefties, and so disliked by BlueOregon and other coolaid lefties.

If you think this means Ryan is not abusing his position to the detriment of the public, you may want to take a closer look.

The sad part is that I really used to trust Slate, before its recent layoffs. In the process, its management kicked out Jack Kramer (who regularly noted and pimp-slapped lazy journalism), and replaced him with Yglesias, the Cory Doctorow of business journalism.

In case one does not know the difference between a typo or an intended point:


I think tankfixer meant journalist.

Someone needs to find his plagiarism deeds and expose him. Then people will feel confused about all of this rug-from-under-the-feet reality-exposing of the ideologues who are running establishment journalism. People might start to actually do their own seeking of the truth, and start to open their eyes. Once that happens, the left will crumble like a dry cow-patty in a tornado.

Is there a line between "blogging" and journalism?

At least Yglesias has some interesting things to say about the current season of Breaking Bad. Maybe he has found a new niche:


He even did some research and concluded the fictional train-heist was plausible per Google Maps!

Why is it that liberal extremists like Yglesias refuse to fact check?

Fact checking only gets done when you know the facts support your narrative.

Insider trading is completely non-partisan. For every Republican eating at the trough of market tips, I can find a Democrat.

For example, John Kerry cashed in big time on heath insurance stocks once he knew the public option was off the table.

Harry Reid has created bridges using federal funds to benefit his own personal property.

Until they have to play by the same rules that we do, the only campaign issue might be, "Look he is better at it that I am!"

Eh, cut him some slack. When most of your material is lifted from others' blog posts, it's pretty hard to know when you're wrong.

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