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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wyden still rowing on Denial River

The senior senator from Oregon -- the one with the young family in New York City -- keeps saying that all he and Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan ever did together was write a "white paper," but what they produced was a detailed proposal for legislation that he himself called the "Wyden-Ryan Plan." The 11-page document is here. The press release from Wyden, in which the work was clearly labeled a plan and a legislative proposal, is here.

Those aren't going away. Why Wyden would continue to be angry that people on the left are calling him out on what he did is absurd.

And it's not the only place where Ryan and Wyden are in agreement. Wyden's Wikipedia page, which presumably is at least monitored, if not edited, by his staff, continues to state that Wyden opposes the federal estate and gift taxes -- the "death tax" that so many wealthy Republicans have worked for decades to repeal: "Wyden is critical of the estate tax, which he feels is inefficient, and has voted repeatedly to abolish it."

Wrong on health care, wrong on taxes, and lately waffling on coal, yet Wyden will throw a real tantrum if you say anything about any of it. The guy's starting to look like a wolf in sheep's clothing whose time in Oregon politics may be coming to a close. Certainly the betrayals and the half-truths (at best) are growing tiresome.

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Senator Smith.

What? A politician back-tracking when the wind changes direction?

Senator Smith.

Gordon or Jefferson?

Jeffy. You know he wants it.

Jeffy. You know he wants it.

I actually think that's not a bad idea. Lord knows Wyden needs a credible challenger, if not an outright replacement.

If he won, Smith could get all the attention he craves and bloviate and posture to his heart's content without having any direct governing responsibilities. Hands-on, executive leadership -- like the type required for a mayor -- really doesn't seem to be his strong suit.

I always wondered how he got foxed into that deal in the first place. The word that comes to mind is "played", and he's not stupid. Whoever engineered his participation in that is/are very dangerous people.

"Congressman Wyden. Uh, we shouldn't call him 'Congressman,' he's NOT in Congress. He's a Senator." ~ Lars 1st words programming Aug.14
That's a false statement of course but it's not lying, it's simply stupidity talking.
True text of U.S. Constitution: "... Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate AND House of Representatives."
Some Senators, some Representatives, all are Congressmen and Congresswomen.

Then Lars went on 'reading the news' article (linked in Post) at OregonLive.com where he finds "Wyden said 'it was just some notes on a piece of paper,'" but, now, that is lying since Wyden is not quoted saying that in the news article.
Wyden is quoted once in this: "Wyden ..., said he’s annoyed because he’s forced to spend time "cleaning up the record"
Advice to Wyden: Where there is dripping goo you are 'forced' to clean up, start with stopping any more dripping (lies on the 'record'), remove the goo jar or set it upright. Then clean up the spillage.
Lars and his rightwing white supremacism splinter group (with Romney-Ryan) mess around the edges of Wyden's (or Obama's) evil-doing instead of running it through the heart, its black bile heart, in order to get voters to unelect Wyden (or Obama).
Stupidity defeats its own argument by lying what Wyden (or Obama) said.

Just (like bojack) state the ugly behaviors and the immorality proven in it.
Wyden's powerlust ambition corrupts him absolutely, and carried him away to New York City! to betray the State and constituency of Oregon: Reject him.
Obama's lust appeared at (Nov.6'99) appointment in a limo and (Nov.7'99) appointment in a motel room with the same male prostitute providing oral sex, and now Obama is dys-empowered by blackmail threat. (Published first-hand account in Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine Sex Lies & Murder, book by Larry Sinclair; and in an increasing number of blogs.) A blackmailed President is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.
Reptile Party candidates such as Romney-Ryan holding Obama hostage by his blackmail secrets, (with radio Reptiles muting that news), and demanding as ransom to be elected next, is worse bigger evil == in effect, being extortion of American voters with threat to disclose things American TV addicts fear to face regarding their government, of Executive president with Legislative congress and jaundiced Judiciary.

Blaming Obama and Romney Equally, August 10, 2012, By Robert Parry
~ Exclusive: The U.S. press corps is lathered up .... But these journalists are unwilling to make distinctions between legitimate questions about the presidential candidates and [as different from] distortions in some of the ads.

The hacks in the campaign press corps love nothing more than to frame their stories about bad behavior by politicians with a world-weary "both sides do it" sneer – even if both sides don’t do it or at least don’t do it in anything like equal proportions. ... many journalists seem to prefer obsessing over the "horse race" and trivial questions about personality. But the more endemic problem with ... mainstream journalists is their refusal to apply critical thinking to disparate cases of campaign behavior. ... fail[ing] to make those distinctions, they actually encourage more mud-slinging – the very behavior that they purport to condemn. The safe career [mediamouth] approach may be simply to declare a plague on both their houses, ... doesn’t mean that the American voters should be shielded from the evidence.
Wyden cries 'foul' that Romney(Ryan) misquotes him. Radio Reptiles cry 'foul' and misquote Wyden crying 'foul'. Evidence shows Obama has earned impeachment, Romney has earned imprisonment, hateradio has earned abandonment.

Seems that lime green bicycle lapel pin can back-peddle, too.
(Car folks call that color "Viper Green" I believe.)

This morning even on progressive talk radio KPOJ, Carl Wolfson slapped down Kari Chisholm who was trying to defend Senator Wyden. Epic fail!

Perhaps the Senator will win the weasel of the week.

You may think you are joking about Jeffy the Biker running for the US Senate but I believe that is exactly what he is wanting to use the Portland mayor gig as a stepping stone.

Jeffy. You know he wants it.

He or his family wants it?

What does Charlie (or that insider group) want?
He is talking sales tax, a state legislative issue. As I recall years ago, when asked,
he wasn't interested in coming back, except maybe as Governor. We see the results of his policies in the Portland "redo", heaven help us if he gets into control of an Oregon "redo!"

I have wondered if both of these candidates got into this Mayoral race as a stepping stone.

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