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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wyden sellout making national splash

Old Gatsby continues to take heat over his health care alliance with Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan. At least today it's from NBC, which is headquartered near the senator's wife and young children, who live in New York City.

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Senator Ron is beginning to remind me of Mike Burton. He is arrogant and out-of-touch with his constituents, and he thinks people won't remember some of the policy positions he's taken. He's becoming a poster boy for term limits.

Wyden's the same way -- sometimes he thinks no one is watching what he's doing, or that he can talk his way out of it. There's something not right there.

Wow! And you are all the people who scream about a lack of bi-partisan politics. But when it happens, you are angry because it isn't partisan enough to match your politics. Wow!

I'm more offended by Ronnie's continue attempt to lie about what was proposed...

It's not bipartisan if Wyden is a Republican.

Wyden is despicable. Perfect example showing the corrupting immorality of gaining power. Yeah, what everyone else says (above) ... but
Fascist copyFOX media -- this means NBC -- makes false and lying reports of this item. It's such a stupid waste of themselves and our enveloping airwaves. Of course, FOXliars dogs pant and lick boots for more and swear all of it is true. So stupid.

Fox Ignores Wyden's Rejection To Invent Bipartisan Support For Ryan Plan, Media Matters Blog, by CHELSEA RUDMAN

Fox News host Jon Scott suggested today that Democrats shouldn't criticize Medicare provisions in Paul Ryan's budget because "one of their own," Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), was a "cosponsor" of Ryan's plan. But while Wyden did write a Medicare policy paper with Ryan, he ultimately voted against Ryan's budget and has criticized the idea that it has bipartisan support. . . .
Plain and direct and simply said like that, the truth sounds so unsenSAtional! Yeah, well, reality is like that. Very not scary. All fear is fascist scare-U-fear-them-&-bow-wow-down. Watch the curs bark back copyFOX bullsh!t. No question that Wyden is a trogolodyte - he is. Reject! Snotsuck Ron, U R gone. And it has nothing to do with (or without) Ryan, his 'secret plan' or the Rush Limbotomized.

It has to do with betrayal of Oregonians, from the Grey Panthers, 1970, onward.
It is about what you don't say or do, Sucketeer Ron, in the venerable Wayne Morse seat. You do NOT say: War is crime. War is wrong. STOP it NOW! The Pentagon is stealing taxpayer money so much -- over 2 BILLION bucks DAILY -- there is none left for our medical care, our elders' care, our business improvements, our general Welfare ... nor the children's food and schools.
They are still coming home in coffins, btw, to grief-screaming families not seen on TV.

For selling out Oregon, immorally keeping your mouth shut, looks like in your upscale digs, uptown marriage, and done up kids, that the zionist payola pays lotsa silver. Senator Sellout.
wicked Zionists ... believe in lust, power, hate and greed. Many well intentioned people, Jews and non-Jews, are deceived by this ploy.
Deceit-making copyFOX media hides news; silences by bribe, blackmail or brute murder.

you are all the people who scream about a lack of bi-partisan politics

If I wanted someone smart to broker a deal, one of the last people I'd pick would be Ron Wyden.

After eight years of Bush, we elected a President who promised change. He didn't deliver, because unlike Bush, he and his party have no guts. Guys like Wyden, who killed the public option on health care, can't ever seem to get progressive changes made to the tax code, and provides constant political cover for guys like Ryan, are to blame.

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