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Monday, August 20, 2012

West Hayden Island terminal is the next Convention Center

Too many cities chasing too few bucks:

After talking up port projects in ways that sound a bit like the overblown economic predictions about new stadiums and convention centers in recent years, some officials are now scaling back their claims. After Hurricane Katrina, Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi trumpeted plans for a "port of the future" at Gulfport with a 50-foot-deep channel, redirecting some $600 million in federal housing disaster funds on a project he pledged would spur the economy and create bountiful jobs. A state official at the time called it "the single largest economic-development project in the state’s history," and officials predicted that it would surpass the Port of Los Angeles.

Today, Mississippi and the port are being more modest. The port recently noted that it is not pursuing the announced plans to dredge the channel to 50 feet, and because of lapsed maintenance, the channel does not even reach the depth of 36 feet authorized by law. The port is now focused on improving what it has instead of expanding greatly, and plans focus more on the cascade effect as smaller ships are crowded out of the major ports by the new superships.

And little Portland, of course, is at a distinct disadvantage because of its location.

If the Port has so much money to burn, maybe the legislature ought to raid some of it for renovating unsafe public school buildings. Or perhaps the people need to do so by initiative.

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CRC should be at the design board, producing a bridge with, 144 foot clearance, but does not seem to be?

We know how much the nomenklatura will appreciate and react to any such initiatives by the great unwashed.

Now this is a port.


How does Portland possibly think it can attract enough shippers from it's competition to justify this WHI expansion?

Or is this simply an act of moving the existing PoP facilities to redevelop existing property?

Or, is it even worse and more like the inept deal that threw away the public ownership of the Portland Shipyards?

One thing is for sure.

If it's in Portland there is a back story of incompetence, conflicted interests and pocket lining for the elite.

Seems like the Port's Board of Directors have been shipping some volumes of hallucinogens around the boardroom table before their meetings, or sumpin'....what a waste.

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