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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vestas lays off another 30 in Colorado

That gets them up to around 120 this month, apparently.

UPDATE, 8/22, 2:49 a.m.: And it's just been announced that they are planning another 1,400 layoffs around the world. This story says that about 20% of the new cuts -- 280 positions -- will be in the Americas.

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Wanna bet the Portland taxpayer is on the hook for something or another with this?

The "Portland taxpayer" is on the hook for 5 times as much and has been for decades paying public-dollar subsidy necessary to keep low-ball gasoline prices at the pump, and keeping gasoline stations open and in business, and keeping Detroit automakers in business as usual 'asking no questions' propping up free-market capitalism.

"Federal commitment to [oil and gas] was five times greater than the federal commitment to renewables during the first 15 years of each subsidies' life," according to a 2011 study from venture capital firm DBL Investors on inflation-adjusted energy subsidy spending. [read: 'federal commitment' = tax-giveaway subsidization] Romney's plan maintains tax breaks for oil companies, which have disproportionately benefited from permanent subsidies for decades.
What Reuters Got Wrong About Romney's Energy Plan, JILL FITZSIMMONS, Media Matters for America Blog, August 23, 2012 (incl. UPDATE 8/24/12) As long as Reuters- and AP-supplied news gets it wrong, then nobody knows nothing and everyone's kept in the dark ... reciting each to ourself the way we remember the bright 'infinite growth' American dream was before the lights went out and dark was put on us. The actual published content in media matters for America.
[Reuters' reporter Steve] Holland noted that Romney opposes the production tax credit for wind power, but overlooked the impact of this stance on the growing U.S. wind industry. He uncritically quoted Romney advisor Oren Cass's claim that "the wind industry has lost 10,000 jobs and growth has slowed." In fact, the production tax credit has spurred enormous growth in the wind industry and enabled wind power to be competitive with natural gas. According to the Department of Energy, total U.S. wind capacity recently passed the 50-gigawatt mark -- enough to power 12 million homes annually -- and accounted for 32 percent of all new U.S. electric capacity added in 2011. But despite the tax credit's success, Congress has repeatedly allowed it to lapse, halting the industry's progress in the U.S. Wind manufacturers are already announcing layoffs because of the [Reptile Party obstruction] uncertainty surrounding the production tax credit, and the American Wind Energy Association estimates that up to 37,000 jobs could be lost IF it is allowed to expire at the end of this year.
The murder drones makers would lay off thousands of clueless gnomes and go out of business, too, if each of us taxpayers stopped subsidizing that 'infrastructure.' But it wouldn't be because their product didn't perform.

Same way, windmills totally perform well producing homemade electricity. Except big oily-bribed Congress prevents each home from having one, ensuring all stay in the dark. ... or maybe the 'Vestas' of the world haven't kicked back bribe enough to provide federal Congresspersons their principal of operation.

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