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Monday, August 20, 2012

Unicorns pooping rainbows

Wouldn't it be luverly if there were a bike trail up the slope a ways from where the railroad tracks run through Sullivan's Gulch? The City of Portland and the Metro regional government are throwing money at that idea now. Here (in a big, slow pdf file) is a quarter million dollars or more worth of consultant time on the subject -- CH2M Hill, of course. The liars' budget for the construction alone is $37 million, and that doesn't count what they'd have to pay to condemn beaucoup land from an outraged Union Pacific Railroad. It will never happen, but that doesn't mean they won't blow millions studying and "planning" it.

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Doesn't anyone remember the building that slid into the gulch at 28th a few years ago?

Doesn't seeem like that area is very stable, geophysically speaking

I wonder how high the unemployment numbers would be if we didn't have all these planners, and those making money with all this planning?
It is not that I oppose people having jobs, but I can only guess that those who are surviving on all those planning efforts here will continue to support the agenda and as I see it the agenda is incrementally destroying the livability and pocketbooks of many others.
I particularly find distasteful the behavioral
change aspects of all this planning/redoing!!
At what point will the property taxes drive people out of their homes?
Is the plan then to take over, eliminate single family home lots, build more apartment/condo bunkers for those people to move into?
We do need jobs here, I would like to see jobs other than for the "planning business."
I suspect there are other businesses that are reluctant to come into Portland, or wanting to start a business here having to deal with our city. I am not referring to the large ones that come in with huge incentives.

Wish Portland had a good news paper.

Portland is just as corrupt now as in the 1920's. The main difference between then and now is, so is the federal goverment, so don't expect much Justice Department oversight other than maybe blaming some small guy as a diversion.

I think I read a blurb about this deal a couple of months or so ago; some sort of asphalt-paved bike trail running from around Gateway inbound.

I recall thinking at the time that it was pretty stupid: don't these folks realize that asphalt is impermeable? Where are they going to put the bioswales? Wouldn't permeable pavers be better?

Now I have another question: Don't unicorns poop pixie dust?

Isn't it ironic that the TV show "Leverage", a show about grifters and theives... is filmed here in Portland ?

I'm pretty sure the City cannot condemn land from the railroad - they're federally protected from that, as I understand it. They tried years ago in Oaks Bottom to strong arm a railroad and got nowhere. There is a trail there now that involved a voluntary negotiated deal with the railroad but don't expect Union Pacific to do that...

Maybe a SGT can be paid for by adding a toll turnstile at every entrance and exit – swipe your credit card here to turn and use.

There's enough things Union Pacific wants out of Portland that if we had decent political leaders we could swap for an easement along this right of way. Plus parts of the proposed trail are on Odot/City land already. I think there was talk of building the east segment first, connecting gateway and the i-205 path to the western neighborhoods.

Andrew Seger,
Sounds like you would like for this to happen?
Where would the $37 million come from?

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