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Thursday, August 2, 2012

UC Nike hops into another bed

A reader writes:

I saw a Coors Light billboard on the westbound Banfield between 28th and 21st that had the Oregon "O" logo and said "O so refreshing" and "now a proud partner with your Oregon Ducks." How the heck does that happen? A beer company with a university. I know beer and college go together well, but wow. They don't serve alcohol in the stadium. Maybe they should.

Now, now. The Coors money's probably going to scholarships in anthropology.

Comments (4)

There is virtually no hops in a Coors product, so I would change your headline...

It's an interesting partnership, since half the team can't legally drink the product.

I love my ducks.... and that billboard makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit every morning

I don't often drink but when I do...it sure as hell won't be Coors.

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