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Monday, August 20, 2012

U of O administration mindscrew makes national headlines

A well deserved moment of ridicule for some world-class bungling by the overpaid suits running UC Nike. That school is darn lucky to have some brave faculty members who are unafraid to blow the whistle. Alas, they're having to blow so frequently lately that their cheeks are probably starting to hurt.

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OT: Don't tell Admiral Randy how Detriot's water bureau employs a farrier for all of their horses (zero):


Full story is that they have twice as many employees per gallon delivered as other large Northern cities, such as Chicago.

There are no signs here that the city can or will dislodge these union employees. Employees have been transferred to this safe haven from other bureaus. Sound familiar?

Personally, I think they need to create some dowser positions.

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