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Friday, August 24, 2012

The new City of Portland seal

We love this sign, which recently went up at the corner of Weidler and Grand. It sums up in a single, perfect image the City of Portland, Oregon in the 21st Century:

UPDATE, 3:19 p.m.: Here ya go:

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There needs to be a cliff!

No kidding. The link from your earlier post about urban biking had an interesting slant on separation of car and bike traffic, using inverted plastic cups to keep bikes away. That made me think of the westbound Lovejoy ramp of the Broadway bridge. Since the installation of the streetcar tracks, motorists who freak out over their car "tramlining" -- I wonder why they call it that? -- on the tracks automatically move to the right, into the dedicated bike lane, to avoid driving on the rails. When the city installed bollards -- a slightly more expensi8ve version of the inverted plastic cup -- motorists veered anyway and ripped them out. Even without grabbing your wheel, a streetcar track can ruin your day if you're on a bike.

Is that Sam Adams going over the handlebars, or Matthew Yglesias?

There's a great T-shirt with this (my son's favorite):


Like I mentioned in an earlier post, government planning and policy encouraging bicycle martyrs, except I doubt you get a ghost bike if it's a tram, a bus, a PWB truck, etc.

Probably just a tweet from the master tweetster, oh, and somebody gets fired.

MJ: Sam is definitely going over Matt Yglesias.

I think that's Lance Armstrong!

Jack thank you - I am stealing that seal

Yeah, you're pretty good with PhotoShop!

That is perfect. If only there was someway to also convey how much we shell out for this multi-modal wonderland, it would be even perfecter. Maybe the mayor picking the cyclist's pocket as he goes down.

(I've witnessed that kind of crash happen twice and it looks a lot like that. Complete seperation from the bike is a given.)

I can just see Chevy Chase on a Portlandia episode....dedicating the Gerald Ford Memorial Bike Lane, with a pack of naked bike bommers piling up behind him.

We'd have to change Oregon's state motto a little:

"She flies with her own wings. This guy? Not so much."

Can I assume the ruts illustrated are caused by studded tire use?

"She flies with her own wings. This guy? Not so much."

That's PERFECT, Bill! Thanks for the laugh! Just glad I wasn't drinking or eating at the time.

I can just see Chevy Chase on a Portlandia episode...

National Lampoon's Portland Vacation!!!

His son hits all the strip joints, the daughter becomes a lesbian artist hung over and passed out in some park, the wife...well, same as the daughter, and he goes over to that new swinger's club. Of course, the Streetcar wrecks his car, MAX wrecks his car, and a bunch of bicyclists egg and rock his car. He is the subject of an embarrassing event at Civic Stadium and swims naked in the Willamette River (where he suffers a nasty rash all over his body as a result to exposure to who-knows-what in that river.)

Isn't Chevy Chase about 80? (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

The emblem should be on every city building and car. I'm not sure if the motto should be "the city headed over a cliff" or "the city that falls short"

I've gone over the handlebars after not paying attention and drifting towards the curb...
grabbed too much front brake. Tuck and roll is the preferred landing method..

I'd love a high-resolution image of that seal.

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