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Monday, August 20, 2012

The blogfather

One of the first blogs we ever got hooked on was Tony Pierce's busblog down in L.A. We don't get to that one as much as we used to, but when we do, we are always rewarded.

even when my carpal tunnel was so bad i needed physical therapy i kept blogging. why? because no one else is going to tell my story. no one else sees the world like i do. likewise i feel a need to lead by example because no one sees the world like you do or erin or danielle or the pants or etc.

and isnt the blogosphere a sadder place minus the pants?

sure there are negative effects of always being out there. for one youre a sitting duck. its so much easier for people to just lay back in the weeds and take shots at you when youre being vulnerable and taking risks.

blogging regularly and especially keeping it real puts your job in danger, and personal relationships, and future jobs and future relationships. but f being safe. f being scared of everything.

Last fall Tony moved on from the L.A. Times to the Southern Cal public radio. They, like we, are lucky to have him.

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