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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sign o' the times in SE Portland

Even the young people down along Clinton Street are tired of the cr-apartment weasels stealing their livability:

You tell 'em, folks. Sensible land use rules for the outskirts of town can co-exist with rules that preserve inner city neighborhoods. Don't let the planning puppets tell you otherwise.

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Nice to see that!

Looks like the condo-bunker cabal has lost the hipster vote...

If only the Bike Nazis were participating, it might provide some cause for hope.

Those in the housing industry Re predicting that the generation entering their young adult years in large numbers, and those who are locked out of home ownership or still living with mom & dad at age 35 will be renters for a long time, if not permanently. I hope not. Home ownership, even condo ownership gives people roots in a community and provides a cultural glue that keeps it functioning as a cohesive whole.

I like to see that neighborhoods are fighting for livability and will hopefully get apartment/ condo developers to plan for parking for their tenants. I also hope that people understand that this costs money to build and the space represents a loss of higher profit habitable space and will be willing to pay extra for it. Off street parking is getting to be a luxury I guess. Thank the UGB for that. Can anyine come up with a plan for inexpensive housing that satisfies the demand for more close-in housing? What would be the minimum amenities that would sell, and what is the price point that would get people to rent or buy in at the bottom?

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