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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Romney for President -- of the Cayman Islands

The Republican Party is too, too funny.

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"Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what your money can do in other countries."

"Taxes are the price that the little people pay for civilization."

Dig deeper, Paul Ryan killed Bambi

But at least none of them have allowed their brothers to live in African slums without making any effort to help them.

""Anyone may arrange his affairs so that his taxes shall be as low as possible; he is not bound to choose that pattern which best pays the treasury. There is not even a patriotic duty to increase one's taxes.
Over and over again the Courts have said that there is nothing sinister in so arranging affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible. Everyone does it, rich and poor alike and all do right, for nobody owes any public duty to pay more than the law demands." :Judge Learned Hand.

How about you Jack? How much more do you pay in taxes every year than you owe?

And if yachts are your bugaboo; why do the really wealthy people in the oh-so-progressive SF Bay area moor their yachts in Baja California, Mexico? Besides the fact that it is much cheaper to have them serviced in Mexico than America?

Well, the boat is registered in the Caymans, wouldn't it make sense to have the flag on it? Wouldn't a commercial ship registered in say Panama have a Panamanian flag?

(sarc on)
If I said anything about Obama and a boat, i'd be called a racist since everyone except for Joe "Plugs" Biden knows that it would be a codeword for slavery
(sarc off)

OK, you dont know anyone who has a really nice boat. Kwitcherbitchin about someone who does.

John D.:
Not to mention John Kerry's yacht that he keeps in Rhode Island to avoid Mass taxes...

How about you Jack? How much more do you pay in taxes every year than you owe?

Ha! Ha! John, you have every right to be embarrassed to belong to this absurd party. Go ahead, stick up for these rich cesspool floaters who wouldn't give you the time of day. And turn it on me -- too funny. Ha! Ha!

So the Romney supporters have a sense of neither irony nor humor. What a shock!

And the taxes are spare
Income we don't declare
Gave proof through the night,
That our flag was still there...

It was Franklin D. Roosevelt's (D) Secretary of State that established "open registry" that allows for "flag of convenience". By maritime law boats have to fly their registered country. If you research Roosevelt's history, you'll see that it helped facilitate drug running and a bunch of other questionable things.

I think it makes Romney look pretty damn smart! His investments helped make lots of tax payers and enabled them to pay income taxes. This exercise meant to punish those who facilitate jobs, investment and liquidity in our economy is self defeating and downright stupid. So Mr. Romney has more money than god and has been successful. Why don't we celebrate his success instead of penalizing it, because he chooses to invest his money based upon his needs, and his desires - that is how he has earned wealth in the first place and is able to maintain it over time.

Mark has a point. Since Bush lowered taxes to the lowest rates in our lifetimes, in 2003, job creation and business growth by the wealthy have soared as vast amounts of after-tax wealth have flooded into the private sector. Why would we want to put a stop to that? Oh, wait . . . .

He's a job creator, yeah, that's the ticket... Kiss up to that money, Mark.

Apparently, in their haste to get the word out about Romney's sins, the "news" people misidentified the flag as Cayman Islands. It is the flag of Bermuda.

I guess the folks at ABC were too excited about scoring brownie points with their Party handlers to actually check.

Journalism Code:

1. Never allow facts to stand in the way of advancing the Progressive narrative.

" It is the flag of Bermuda."

Well, that changes everything.

John: You do realize that the largest, by far, 'news' organization in the US is a front for the right wing right?

If you watch that station, and only that station, you'll get the exact opposite narrative. You'll get the "OMG lamestream media is out to destroy the real America!"

Crazy. I'm not sure anymore who sets the policy, Fox or the RNC. Or is there a difference anymore?

...and to forestall lame comebacks, yes of course I'm aware of the obvious bias of other smaller networks.

It is more likely the Cayman civil ensign:

Whatever. Make him the president of the whole freakin' Caribbean. Still hysterical.

There's some shenanigans involving Bermuda too - a corporation that Romney apparently owns but didn't disclose - but that does not matter one bit in something like this. If it's not the Cayman Islands flag, than this is a non-starter, comedy-wise. Maybe even a win for Romney supporters to highlight: "Oh, the persecution from the media!"

It's like finding out that Prince Harry played strip poker that night in Vegas. If it isn't strip billiards, it won't fly. You only have one chance at the #1 riff.

Romney has money in many countries, but in the world of comedy, the Cayman Islands are the go-to place. It's just a great comedy name.

I'm surprised they don't have a picture of Romney on their currency down there.

It is definitely the Cayman Islands civil ensign:

I guess the folks at ABC were too excited about scoring brownie points with their Party handlers to actually check.

I guess you must be even more embarrassed now.

And I suppose that means if the boat flew the Jolly Roger they are all pirates? It looks more like the Bermuda flag than the Cayman, for whatever that's worth. Please Jack, step away from going all 'Sarah Palin isn't really pregnant' on us again.

Bye bye everyone, this may mean I'm banned.

Talk about stupid -- not for pointing it out -- but for being in the boat, er, I mean yacht, with the Cayman Islands civil ensign.

This is politically tone deaf.

When you won't release your taxes (like your father did) and you have offshore bank accounts in the Cayman Islands and in Switzerland (and who knows where else) and the 'Cayman Islands bank account' HAS BEEN A BIG DRAG ON YOUR POLL NUMBERS, it shows bad political judgment.

Of course, it also reinforces the Bain "fat cat" political characterization

Now, for a private person, I couldn't care less, I don't begrudge success, there is nothing wrong with that.

But in politics, images and perceptions matter.

I remember a smaller boat with the name, "Monkey Business"... and that was the end of Gary Hart's presidential bid.

In a close race, these things matter.

Jack, I think you are right about the picture and the poor political judgment, but what do we have on the other side?

First man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, dies and Obama "honors" Armstrong by a picture of Obama looking at the moon...

Talk about a narcissist.

Oh, and Obama playing 80 or so rounds of golf, more than any other president in history, this far into his term, and all the vacations for the first family.

I could go on.

These things tend to even out.

Still, don't give a knife to Jason or the opportunity for a picture for the media that plays into established charaterizations or confirms characterizations made by your political opponents.

A belief in limited government is a respectable opinion to hold:

The Founding Fathers of this country, so held.

step away from going all 'Sarah Palin isn't really pregnant' on us again.

Wow. On the day in which Romney's people may have blown the election, you bring up the way the Republicans blew the last one.

Trig Palin is not Sarah Palin's biological child. Palin faked a pregnancy while serving as governor of Alaska. But it really doesn't matter any more, because the majority of America figured out quite a while ago that it doesn't want her strange brand of trailer trash anywhere near national office.

Let's get back to 2012 and discuss Mitt Romney's integrity and patriotism, shall we?

Oh, and I bet it won't be any different at the Democratic Convention either.

Both parties are controlled by the elite.

Not so funny.

Yeah, I think the dumbest part of this whole discussion is this liberal-progressive-media-versus-conservatives dynamic.

The corporations run the federal government. They pit us against each other in a charade. This time it's how everything evil is Obama versus how everything corrupt is Romney.

The dividing line should be the American People versus the corporate overlords who have purchased our government and run it. That's the fault line. Oh, and that's who owns and runs the media. That's who controls the narrative.

Meanwhile, these candidates are the lapdogs tied to the roof of the station wagon, and as Chris Christie proved last night, we're not even allowed to discuss the topic of who's really to blame for our country's demise.

Obama's a sellout, and many of his backers are crooks, but you know what? They're not this arrogant or stupid. Too, too funny.

"too, too funny"? No, Adolf's Nazis were 'funny.' Romney's Reptiles are haute hilarity.

When all the paid trolls show up curve-balling and side-sniping about anything but the thread topic -- Romney is a goon leading goons -- the swarming indignations at and deprecations of bojack, proves there's truth in it they've come to quash.

(Whoever still hasn't checked the evidence which shows that, in fact, Sarah P. was NOT pregnant 2008 and totally lied about it, well, that 'whoever' cannot be brought forward in time into the present tense. It's really quite sad, the hollow shills of lives.)

Here's more True or False testings, looking for a handle on it:
Rush Limbaugh: "Rich People Are Just Poor People With Money", August 29, 2012, MEDIA MATTERS
... noooo, he didn't say that ... did he?

Limbaugh: People Portray Me In "Mean-Spirited, Racist, Sexist, Thuggish Ways," But "I'm None Of That", August 29, 2012, MEDIA MATTERS
... yeah, see?, that's more like it. Romney and Limbaugh: That's an electable ticket! Hilarity ensues.

Obama and golf: Par for the course for presidents, By Martin Davis, Special to CNN, Fri January 27, 2012

"Mitt Romney has made much of President Barack Obama playing what he considers an inordinate amount of golf. ... In fact, Obama is the 15th of the last 18 presidents to play golf. ... As far as how much time he spends on the links, his annual rate of play is about the same as President Dwight D. Eisenhower, ... and his utter passion for the game. During his presidency, he played some 210 rounds at Augusta National, the home of the Masters, many with his good friend Arnold Palmer. ... But Ike didn't play the most golf ... the most golf played goes to Woodrow Wilson. It's said that he played at least a few holes each day -- even in the snow -- reportedly logging more than 1,000 rounds in his two terms."

Jack, will you be showing the extravaganza of the Hollywood set supporting Obama or GE Immelt and other Wall Street monied people at the Demo Conclave?

If they brag about being tax cheats, sure.


Hilarity ensues

How I wish she was running instead of ensuing!

How many showers a day are you guys taking these days?

This really is comedy gold. Almost as funny, but kind of sad, is the army of defenders rushing in make turgid points about tax policy, and the other side. Can't you take, or at least appreciate, the humor in this?

Yes, I appreciate the humor. Plus the sickening humor.

I'm still chortling over the name of the boat.

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