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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Reader poll: Did you watch Olympics men's hoops?

Well, the United States has won the gold medal in men's basketball, but for all the hours we spent watching the Olympic games this year, we must confess we did not watch a single minute of basketball. Water polo, gymnastics, swimming, soccer, track -- everything we saw was interesting, and a lot of it was exciting, but the thought of watching LeBron and Kobe just seemed mildly unpleasant, even with Kevin Durant in tow. (We did watch the animated gif of Nicolas Batum going all Jefferson Smith on a guy, but that doesn't count.)

How about you?

How much Olympics men's basketball did you watch?
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Comments (11)

So the wife and I were sitting there this morning watching the final game (only one we watched), and screaming our heads off for Spain. We were careful to close the windows and slider door so we could cheer in secrecy. After all, we did not want any surprise visits from Homeland Security. Patriotic as we are, we were more than willing to accept a small dose of national defeat this morning so the U.S. team could get a larger, more desperately needed lesson in humility.

It was relatively easy to switch sides for the day. We simply imagined Laker uniforms on all the so-called Dream Team players. The end result was inevitable, but at least for three glorious quarters we were able to enjoy watching LaBron and Kobe wearing a beautiful shade of worry on their faces. At Least it was nice to hear the National Anthem play at the end, and I even saw a few of the players at least pretending to know some of the words.

Cheering for Spain too.

Watched part of the gold medal game, only to root for Spain. My feelings have tempered a bit because of the obvious rise in the quality of international play, which may be an ironic result of American professionals playing Olympic basketball. I really wish Spain would have won.

Like you, only basketball I watched was that Batum GIF.

watched most of 2nd half. saddened to see so many NBA players in the Olympics, both Spain and USA. Only in Portland would some lame a$$ chicken poop brag anonymously about wanting the American team to lose. typical portland weirdos

What kind of garbage is it that NBC didn't broadcast more USA hoops beyond online streaming. Only game I was able to catch on tv was the Gold Medal game. I was rooting for the USA! USA! USA! Yeah! Drone Attack! YEAH!!!

I would comment but we are on the road and the "other" wifi net work at the motel is listed as "FBI servalience van". Really!?

Now that's funny. We've learned of one couple that named its wireless router "We can hear you having sex."

I thought it was a fake until I saw a real! FBI agent with gun, badge and a cuff case on his belt at the breakfast bar at 6 am this morning!

Not only did I ignore the Olympic hoops, I've begun scaling back my interest in the NBA, as the Dwight-Howard-to-LA deal clearly confirms that the NBA has no interest in having competitive small-market teams.

When professionals (or used-to-be top-ranked professional athletes) compete at the Olympic Games which traditionally allowed only amateurs, whatever wins may be accrued by a country fielding a *wink* *nudge* amapro team are tainted, IMO.

This used to be such a big deal that athletes who accepted even a small sum for an exhibition could be banned. My, how times have changed.

In any case, I wouldn't be bragging about it. It's sort of on a par with Ali showing up in a schoolyard and beating a 12-year-old to a pulp.

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