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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Radio Free Earl

The Portland congressman with the bow tie and the bike button went on Wisconsin public radio last week to talk about the cities of the future. The show is here -- please let us know if you actually listen to it. We're having trouble bringing ourself to click "Play."

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I'll save you the trouble:
Earl here...blah-blah...people who don't see my genius...blather...Republican idiots...blather...more money...blather...wife's new job at sustainable Goldshcmidt,erm NW Natural Gas...blather..cure for cancer, new bike pin, Earl - What do these have in common?...blather...more streetcars, less schools...blather...gotta go now - Fan club meeting in 10 minutes. It's been great listening to me


Job listing as Material Handler for Electric street car final assembly in Clackamas [cant make this up]. $13.50 an hour, yikes, thanks for subsidizing the workers, Earl!

Working Man, Schworking Man

I still think the cities of the future are just like The Jetsons (or the Space Needle). Did he mention flying cars and Monorails?

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