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Monday, August 20, 2012

Potheads helping Republicans

They changed Dwight Holton's plans. Is Kate Brown the next one to get Bogarted out?

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I was supporting the surgeon over the hack already.

After it came out that the ineptness of the Brown supervised Elections' Division in failing to adopt formal admin rules regarding campaigning with public time / dollars resulted in the dismissal of the paltry charges / fines against the PPS knaves over the last bond campaign in Portland, I decided that any one, literally any one (even Randy Leonard), was better than Kate Brown.

That failure to formally adopt rules came after the Oregon Court of Appeals had thrown out other similar charges / fines in a previous case a few years ago on Brown's watch, IIRC. Inexcusable. Absolutely inexcusable.

I voted against Brown's opponent n the Dem primary, and will do so in the general

Brown has to go.

Secretary of State always seemed like a stepping stone or rest stop for the political class.

It has also been wildly exploited to benefit the party holding the position.

Has any Sec of State ever truly served the people according to Oregon election laws?

Tim -

Maybe Phil Keisling?

Can't think of an other one.

In my opinion, we've been incredibly fortunate in our Secretaries of State going back to Mark Hatfield, Tom McCall, Clay Myers, Normal Paulus and, yes, both Barbara Roberts and Phil Keisling.

I think things changed with Bill Bradbury and Kate Brown, both of whom I like personally but who have not lived up to the standards of their predecessors.

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