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Friday, August 31, 2012

Portland cops shooting up Gorge scenic area

One of them says he thought he saw Multnomah Falls reaching for a gun.

But seriously, folks, our precious Gorge must not be as precious as our fearless leaders have preached. Dodging target practice from Admiral Randy's fleet is now part of the wilderness adventure.

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Basalt rock or steel targets, wouldn't there be risk of ricochet from rifle bullets?

Not so much in this day and age.
And what about the designation of the Gorge as a wild and scenic area?
Target practice, and hostage/rescue practice with weapons needs to be done in a more controlled area where civilians will not be kayaking, boating or hiking.

Reports are that the exercise was successful.

The black boat was sunk, while the white boat was questioned and released...

Nolo is right- what about the ricochet factor? What idiot came up with this?
They should have been someplace else for their "Cowboy Day"

Come on, all you Portland granola chomping city slickers. That really is a rural area. People do discharge firearms there all the time. In fact one can even legally hunt waterfowl as close in as the confluence of Sandy and Columbia rivers at the Sandy River Delta east of the power lines.

OMG I was out in nature and heard a gun shot! That's news worthy!

Since when the Columbia river gorge wilderness? It's the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area (CRGNSA) not wilderness. There are wilderness areas in Mt. Hood national Forest like Badger Creek Wilderness, Bull of the Woods Wilderness, Clackamas Wilderness or Lower White River Wilderness. There are no wilderness areas inside the CRGNSA.

Guy in the article is an idiot. ""It sounded like a war," said John Roberts, a professional photographer from Southeast Portland, who went to take photos of scenery from the water. He got into his kayak at Dalton Point and paddled past Rooster Rock to find the source of the noise. " You see 4 county patrol boats in the water, hear rifle shoots and you paddle on over from the Oregon side to "check it out". I'm sure he didn't get too close before being stopped but not too bright. The area below cape horn is an isolated area the cliffs are high enough that no richochet will come anywhere close to anything or anybody.

It's still a fantastically stupid idea, and idiotic exercise to undertake city war games there. And just think how the Washingtonians feel about Portland cops pumping lead into their scenery -- just for starters.

Not war games. A training exercise.The training is intended to prepare officers for water emergencies including hostage rescue. Clark County officers were also training there.Was not just Oregonians.

Should not be using live ammo.

Should not be using live ammo

Sounds like very fruitful target practice in your little parallel universe.

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