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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Police pensions or gas for patrol cars?

That's a choice they're having to make in Stockton, California. Portland's day is on the way.

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That's an easy decision. We're the bicycling capital of the world, the transit capital of the world.

Most Portland cops should be embracing that. Imagine if most of our cops were on bike and foot aboard TriMet, rather than sequestered away in their gas-guzzling Chargers and Crown Victorias. A few cops who actually need a car can be issued some "green" car or a battery powered car, or maybe something that's decent environmentally AND cheap, like a Nissan Versa, and traffic cops will get motorcycles.

My union could contribute their excess funds. They figured out a way to credit under-the-table, informal sector work into the pension and health benefits trusts.

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