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Monday, August 13, 2012

Oompah! City OKs changes at NE Portland Masons Lodge

A hearings officer decides that the renovations proposed by the German American Society at Sandy and 57th won't adversely impact the northeast Portland neighborhood.

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Even as a German American (I never knew I had a society!) and a close-by homeowner I don't understand this posting. Is this a medium deal or even a small deal? I never cared what the building on the corner was...was there some developer interested in the spot that this approval forestalls?

Not snarky, simply can someone clue me in as to the 'news'?


The GAS wants to alter the building so that it can take it over and continue to operate it. If die Deutsche don't get their way, who knows what might happen to that prominent lot? Maybe 80 apartments with no off-street parking. One thing's for sure: The Masons are long gone.

As a neighbor, who has used this facility for community events, I say, raise the roof! It’s a great facility that needs some upgrading. Their plan looks reasonable, prudent and befitting our neighborhood….. Go figure?

Does this mean the New World Order stuff isn't going down in Rose City Park anymore?

The Masons relocated to Kenton Lodge last fall. That building's historic, beginning life in 1912 as the clubhouse for the short-lived Rose City Park Club. Happy to see the GAS will keep it mostly intact with minor alterations. I think the Vietnamese church next door was also bidding on it, probably to tear it down and expand their parking lot (just my speculation). And yes, thank God it's not going to be turned into yet more condos.

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