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Friday, August 17, 2012


We're heading home this morning from a remote location where we've been for the last 24 hours. There's a big river nearby, and smoke in the air. Surprisingly, it's been a few degrees cooler than in Portlandia. Our business mission's accomplished; a couple of short flights, and we'll be home. So where do you think we have been?

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Idaho is pretty close and has a wild fire raging

52 large wildfires burning in the U.S. that are not contained. 11 contained. 250,000 rivers. Not all of them large. 2 short flights away. I'm also guessing Idaho, near the Salmon River somewhere.

Hades. Definitely Hades.

LC: sorry, he mentioned that he was not in Portlandia.

Somwhere from Sun Valley to Stanley to Salmon Idaho along the BEAUTIFUL Salmon river.
Or is this where I wish I was at the moment. Yes definitely, I see myself sitting in downtown Stanley looking at the Sawtooths.

There were styrofoam cups. The tap water didn't taste like chlorine.

Everyone should know it takes three flights to get from Idaho :) How about Alaska?

Should have picked up on the line "Surprisingly, it's been a few degrees cooler than in Portlandia" - Portland was warmer than Phoenix yesterday - perhaps Arizona?

Montana. My grandaughter was just there and said, "I think I saw that Bogwhatshisname."

Southern Oregon

"So where do you think we have been?"
First, it depends on what type of smoke you are referring to.

Wyoming. C.J. Box territory.

They're picking the last of the peaches.

Hood River, with smoke from Warm Springs...


(I was going to guess Kelowna, but its a lake not a river...)


Got a vision of Elvis, BBQ, Mud Island, 100 pawn shops and ducks walking through a hotel lobby -- thinking Memphis, returning via Salt Lake City.

The definition of "short" flights influenced me... i assume short is 90 mins or less...

Did someone say 'peaches'?

These are in the Gorge but N.Cali is picking, too.

Sacramento? Salt Lake City?

Spokane sounds about right.

The Tri-Cities? The Columbia River runs through it. The fires east of Cle Elum are burning and easterly winds would blow smoke into town.

Remote out of the Tri-Cities would be George, Vantage and Mattawa, and they are all on the Columbia and very close to the fires up around Cle Elum.

You're getting warmer (so to speak). I saw this scene on my way to the destination:

Starbucks from SeaTac...

Yes. Here's my last hint: I could have flown direct on Seaport, but I chickened out and took the two short flights on Horizon.


You're getting cold.

Jack may be cagey. He says he "could have flown direct on Seaport, but I chickened out and took the two short flights on Horizon." Perhaps he is trying to make us think he flew "nonstop" on Seaport but is not actually saying that. If he meant nonstop, then he must have been in Yakima, because Horizon does not serve Pendleton. If he meant "direct" (which means on the same plane, which might make stops), then he also could have been in Wenatchee. Since Wenatchee is on the Columbia River, I vote for there.

Yep, it's gotta be Wenatchee. I've never been there and it didn't click in my head that it's on the Columbia. Yakima has a river nearby but it isn't a big one.

My first guess was Wenatchee but then I thought what is so remarkable about it that would warrant a blog post?

Yes, it was Wenatchee. A remarkable place.

You'll wanna see Wenatchee

Wenatchee, Cashmere, Leavenworth are all cool, no doubt. Did you get to the Anjou bakery up HWY 2?

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