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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Name that bunker

Here's another bunker going in in Portland. At 33rd and Broadway, already a congested corner, they're going to stack up 196 units, plus retail. Wonder how much parking -- at the rate the city is going, maybe none.

Parking lot or not, it's going to be a clogged up mess. The developer types give these monstrosities names lIke The Merritt or The John Ross. With this one, maybe a Euro flair is in order. How about Le GridLocque?

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But isn't "clogged up" one of the city's goals? It encourages walking and biking.

I'm not being sarcastic, either.

That takes care of the SW corner at 33rd and Broadway. Last May you posted this http://bojack.org/2012/05/dustup_at_33rd_and_broadway.html for the NW corner.

Anyone know why new construction doesn't include underground parking as part of the project, or under nearby parks? Besides cost?

If City of Portland wants to be more like Europe, they should look more closely at new construction in the big city centers of Europe, where parking IS provided underground in those venues. Even retrofitting older buildings with that parking, too.

Parque No?
Le Bloc Cindere
El Spendro

This crap started with Neil and was amplified by the bureaucrats hired during Vera's reign. Neil's gone but Vera's bureaucrats live on.

The Seventh Circle

In fact, if I were an idiot and somebody put me in charge of PBOT, here's what I'd do...

Focusing on the "target area", first install traffic counters to record the number of vehicles that move by per day. Next and in any order, encourage building projects that exponentially increase the population density in the area while eliminating as much parking as I can get away with (key words being "get away with")... proceed with projects such as lane reductions, curb extensions, traffic blocking circles (not European-style "roundabouts" that actually improve traffic flow), bike boxes, oodles of traffic signals (the more the better!) and make each one instantly pre-emptive for peds/bikes/dogs/etc so that even if we synchronized them to meet some other requirement it'll be hopeless now except during the middle of the night. Eliminate all intersections that are "too easy" to get through by reconstructing them to be narrow, hard 90 degrees turns and add a signal if not already present. If possible, install additional signals to the same intersection!

When finished, install traffic counters again and even though thoroughfare is now a parking lot all day long, record again the number of vehicles moving by per day and then announce to the world what a genius I am because it's now a fraction of what it was before.

Port of Portland is long on parking (no wonder, at $10/day for economy) so COP is just trying to bring about a bit of balance. Folks can park there and take Max home.

What about the handicapped? don't they have to provide parking for them at least?

According to an editorial in this month's Sellwood Bee, "a developer who has been building apartment houses with no included parking has announced plans to do the same just a block north of the Sellwood-Westmoreland Post Office, where four houses have long stood."
This apparently would be a four-story building with close to 100 mainly studio apartments in an area where parking is already a problem and where bus service into the rest of the city is sparse.

The official name of the project appears to be Grant Park Village. There will be parking, suggested to be over 250 spaces. However how much of that parking will be for a retail anchor tenant taking up as much as 30,000 square feet, and how much is for the housing has not been disclosed. The biggest issues are access to the site and how it will affect the traffic flow on Broadway. From a practical standpoint, 33rd and Broadway already fails during peak travel periods.

As for the statement “But isn't "clogged up" one of the city's goals?” The City is their own worst enemy. They take away motor vehicle travel lanes and clog the streets with traffic calming and control devices – speed bumps indirectly cause drivers to both speed up and slow down thereby using more fuel – then complain about fuel consumption and the effects of congestion on the environment. What hypocritical idiots!

How about, "La Pin De Linch"?

cause drivers to both speed up and slow down thereby using more fuel

I've long thought the same thing. But the fantasy of "traffic calming" doesn't just increase fuel consumption, which removes business profits and individual expendable income from the local economy while at the same time boosting profits for the oil companies, it also increases emissions and thermal pollution in the atmosphere.

But pols know very well that few will think it throught that far.

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The Broadnoway.

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