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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Milwaukie baseball idea fades away

Seems like there'll be one less reason to take the Mystery Train to Milwaukie. Minor league baseball will likely be back in the Portland metro area next summer, however, out another way, in Hillsboro.

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Milwaukie: $25 million for 4,000 seat stadium, $160,000 on consultants.

Hillsboro: $13 million for 4,500 seat stadium, $25,000 on consultants.

Well, Hillsboro had a good head start with that sports complex they built some years ago along Highway 26. The Milwaukie idea has always seemed stupid to me, and I don't follow sprots.

Better idea - take the ODOT land, sell it to an industrial user (at market value), build a factory, return it to property-tax paying status, generate 500 good, high paying jobs that all pay taxes (and provides benefits to its employees), generate income taxes, high property taxes...

Or, build a baseball stadium that will generate nothing but part-time, minimum wage, no-benefits jobs, no tax revenue whatsoever (since it'll be publicly owned and tax exempt) and be a drain on city finances for decades both in bond interest repayments AND operating expense.


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