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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Metro gets to third base with Pamplin

The highly questionable relationship between Portland's goofball regional government and one of its weekly newspapers is on display here. Metro takes surveys for the Pamplin papers; Pamplin papers dutifully regurgitate the Metro propaganda. At a certain point, the line of journalistic ethics is crossed.

We hope the "reporter" here gets a nice government flack position soon. Because he sure isn't in line for any Pulitzers with this kind of product.

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Sounds like another one of Portland's famous "public-private partnerships", and a critical one at that... government control of information access and dissemination.

All we need now is barbed-wire or a wall to prevent residents from fleeing.

People's Republic of Portland is not a joke bumper sticker anymore.

Pamplin's Redden continues the partnership conflict thru this article on Metro's OpIn survey.

Under his picture of the Hillsboro Stadium he states "Hillsboro [stadium] has strong support among Washinton County residents". But same article states that only 865 WashCo residents participated in the OpIn. Worse is that only 54% of the 865 support the Stadium-that's 468 people out of 555,000 residents in WashCo. Then consider the makeup of who participates in these kinds of surveys-vested interest, people on all the regional committees, neighborhood association members, etc., but few of the commoners.

How is that good journalism? It can only be explained as a conflict of interest with an agenda. And we need to continue calling out what our governments and media that covers it all has become.

The leadership of Portland holds cross memberships among all kinds of city funded and other local government funded organizations. The Pamplin owner reportedly used to sit on the TriMet board, altho I don't know if he still does or not.

And boy, Adams' proposed City Arts head tax-like fund measure may be legal but it is morally corrupt. The City funds the Regional Arts and Cultural Council which in turn has membership in the Creative Advocacy Network (which was started by noneother than Sam Adams). Both are considered charities (503c's if I remember correctly.) The Creative Advocacy Network is invited by Adams to the City Council to pitch (stage a show actually) the Arts fund head-tax like measure. Now the Creative Advocacy Network (CAN) is heading up the Yes campaign for the Arts fund head-like tax measure.

City creates and funds a "charity" using Portland taxpayer monies, and the same charity funds the campaign to fool Portland voters to handing over even more of their hard earned cash to the city surrogate charities (RACC and CAN administrators have six figure salaries). This seems like it should be illegal (as none the conflict of interests is divulged even by the mainstream media.) But I guess because of the charity shell game laws, it is perfectly legal.

What's also disingenous is The Portland Public Schools superintendent sits on the RACC board, and somehow we are suppose to believe the city will have an arms-length review of how the arts tax monies are spent. The tax is permanent, not reviewable by citizens. If it were an operating levy like the Saltzman's children levy, it would at least come up for vote by the public every 5 years or so.

But not this morally corrupt, devilish and regressive head tax-like measure.

Pamplin is a pretty savvy business person. He got into the news business with a twice-weekly paper several years ago, and now we see the dailies all moving to that model. The Oregonian's influence is eroding, and I am sure that the Tribune's influence will improve by default. Pamplin now has the ability to mold perceptions of local development schemes through "news reporting" - and stands to profit enormously from those schemes. Pretty impressive - potentially very profitable business strategy.

When will KPTV see through this, hire back Lars Larson and introduce "FOX News Portland" as a real alternative to all of the other press release releasing agencies that claim they are independent journalists?

When will KPTV see through this, hire back Lars Larson and introduce "FOX News Portland" as a real alternative to all of the other press release releasing agencies that claim they are independent journalists?

That's about as likely as "Voice of America" being carried by Rundfunk der DDR.

Yeah, like Redden is going to risk the only journalism job he can get. What would he do if he stood up against this abuse: start up PDXS again and make his fortune with conspiracy theory rants and free blurbs for sex toy retailers? It didn't work the last time, the way I recall...

Opt-In is yet another misappropriation in along string of misspending of countless millions of tax dollars.

If Metro really had any intention or desire to learn the public will they would promote a few elections with point blank questions.

Instead they spend more money trying to concoct an impression the public sees value in Metro and supports their agenda.

It's all very dishonest and will only contribute to their demise.

They have become so out of touch and horribly wrong in so many ways they are piling up enemies in every community.

Spending $10 Million in gas tax money on the planning racket to plan the SW corridor et al Metro style is a perfect example of their scurrilous behavior.

The voters would never approve that kind of spending let alone their plans.

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