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Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Maybe if we sell hats and bottled water..."

Are you familiar with the expression "Let's blow this pop stand"? Now at the Portland airport:

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Nice to see a local name, however sullied, in place of Hudson.

Hey, they're trying to adapt. More than the Stickle regime ever did.

Umbrellas would be nice. How Oregon would that be?!

Back east and down in Texas, I see all sorts of branding of the typical news stand, e.g. CNBC and CNN to name two that come to mind.

Perhaps it's because Hudson founder,Robert Cohen passed away earlier this year.

This Oregonian welcomes the eponymous branding at the airport. Much better than an out-of-town brand.

It's Stickel, Zeb, not Stickle.

And they did adapt - they knew when to get out of the way.

You can pick up a copy of the Washington Post there, right?

A friend in Oakland insists it's "Let's blow this popsicle stand." Might this be the original, or a regional variation?

Do they sell tabacco? Those were the days...

No gum. The Goldschmidt people who run the airport are very down on gum.

Maybe they feel they can turn their fortunes around by charging $7 for a palm full of mixed nuts.

They kind of do that already.

Since you asked about tobacco (the Oregonian shop does sell cigarettes, by the way) there is a semi new Rich's Cigar store located past security on the C concourse. Only trouble is, you would need to exit security and the airport should you wish to enjoy a cigar.... Makes sense to me!

Uh HUH. This could be one of two things. The Oregonian could just be paying to have its name on the newsstand in a frantic hope for improved name recognition. I also have my suspicions as to how much might be hidden from auditors as "operating expenses." Our big regional magazine starts up its own newsstand every five years or so, in order to pretend that its circulation isn't dependent on free copies given to current and potential advertisers. (The last time one of these ran, it was part of a deal with an investor's restaurant to use the unused patio. Well, the reason it was unused was because it faced west, which made it uninhabitable for six months in the Dallas heat. The idea then was to install misters to cool down the patio, which of course soaked all of the books and magazines, and the sun in the afternoon finished the job by bleaching the covers to unreadability and unsellability. Not that it mattered: the rumor had it that the magazine made so much money from its incessant "732 Best Doctors/Restaurants/Clothing Stores Willing To Pay For The Award and Subsidize the Editor's Coke and Strip Club Tab" contests that the money llost on the newsstand was practically a rounding error.)

Actually, it's kind of sad major city newspapers didn't do this decades ago. The Trib should have done it when they started up. After all, the owner of the Trib already owns those Made in Oregon stores.

"After all, the owner of the Trib already owns those Made in Oregon stores."

The Naito Co. sold Made in Oregon to Doc Pamplin?

The Oregonian does news?

Pamplin tried to buy "Made In Oregon" but established his own stores with a name that escapes my mind...something like "Oregon's Best" maybe? Damned old age thing, again. Still.

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