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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Maybe Frank Gable was involved

Here's a story that stirs up some painful memories.

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The entire cabal of tree-hugging environmentalists in Oregon and Washington better show up as a human shield to prevent the 150 million demo job on our perfectly serviceable 1914 bridge. They wil otherwise be totally discredited as a bunch of dope-smoking layabouts.

"perfectly serviceable 1914 bridge" makes complete sense, even though half of it is from the 1950's and all the more perfectly serviceable for it.

Of course, the link to prison crime and corruption, and Frank Gable, is a little tenuous. These comments might be better associaterd with the post about the Tribune headline.

The problem of drug running and corruption in state prison systems is not limited to Indiana -- and, no Oregon Governor has ever done anything about the vile problems within Oregon's Department of "Corrections."

And anyone who believes that the assassination of Michael Franke was just a petty robbery gone wrong, is terribly naive.

The Vanishing Rumor
KATU pulls a story linking Neil Goldschmidt to Michael Francke's murder probe from its website.

September 29th, 2004 NIGEL JAQUISS | News

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