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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mariners are better without Ichiro

Since they traded their Japanese star to the Yankees, the Seattle baseball team has won 17 and lost 8. Over the last 10 games, the M's are 8-2. Before they traded Ichiro, they had won 42 and lost 56.

The Yankees are 15-12 since the trade, including 6-4 over the last 10 games. Before the trade, they had been 57-38.

Comments (5)

Ichiro is doing better with the Yankees...batting about .300 vs about .269 with the Mariners.

Of course Ichiro is doing better with the Yankees.

A star really stands out on a bad team.

Good trade for both teams. I'm thrilled that the Mariners are performing well, but don't overstate the importance of the M's good record: they've been in a stretch against some really, really lousy teams. I'm intrigued by what happens in Chicago next week: first good team we've played on the road in a while.

As far as the Yankees part, didn't A-Rod break his hand like 5 minutes after Ichiro got there?

Bill - and wasn't it a Mariners' pitcher (I think it was King Felix) who hit A-rod with a pitch?

Anyways, Paul Hamann is correct - the Mariners have been feasting on the weaker sisters in the AL. Plus, some of the youngsters are starting to play like major league players, not the AA and AAA call-ups impersonating major leaguers.

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