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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Long may it wave

The Olympics are providing more entertainment than we could possibly have imagined.

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He looks kind of like me, watching women’s beach volleyball on the BIG screen!

Brad, you're a dirty dog.

Ok, you got me, but the wife’s in Seattle!

As commented elsewhere: "After all, he's been sitting in a boat for 15 minutes with someone was yelling 'stroke, stroke' at him."

Hey...I've been waiting for the return to the traditional Olympics competitor outfits: birthday suits. Particularly since the addition of women's beach volleyball.

Oh Jack, there's been entertainment along this line since the Olympics began. Have you taken a look at the one-eyed mascots? Particularly Wenlock?

So much for the "cold water makes it shrink" excuse.

Roger, I believe that was Stephen Colbert.

I believe even HRM, The Queen, even raised a cup of tea to the "interesting American boy".
The Duke....not so much.

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