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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jefferson Smith picks up major endorsement

A Blazer star shows his affinity with Portland's JFK wannabe.

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It'd be too gay to call that a sucker punch, but that was really a low blow, very much below the belt!

There are now two nuts in the "punch him in the balls" club.

My whole floor at the office laughed this morning when the gif started going around. Best line in the e-mail exchange was "Batum's a ball puncher like Smith and a non-Oregon registered voter like Hales should have been, so he's the best of both worlds!".

The city that punches you in the nuts.

Batum gets a big contract and then proves what a bum he is. Paul Allen is such a dope.

I think you all got it wrong...he was going for the ball.

Left or right?

My main team in life is the Philadelphia Eagles, so this was already a bad week. Then to have Nic Batum act like this? Sickening.

Time to dial back the sports stuff for a while and go back to recording music. When a song crashes and burns, you just press rewind.

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