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Thursday, August 2, 2012

If you can't log on to stream the Olympics

We just blew about an hour trying to get the Olympics to stream to our laptop. We called Comcast three times, got two different people in Rangoon, and were cut off twice. We could get only as far as the first step in the NBC sign-in process. It was asking us to select our TV provider. There was a button there that said Comcast, but when you clicked on it, nothing happened.

We finally found an answer on our own -- on an internet chat board, of course. The Flash player has to be set to "Allow sites to save information on this computer." In Windows, you get there via Control Panel. For us, that solved the problem and brought us the streaming joy -- at least until the inevitable Flash crashes start.

Comments (7)

I've eliminated Flash crashes by using Explorer instead of Firefox. No issues since then. And the on-line experience is Seacrest-free.

Canadian TV (CTV) is more accessible and offers less jingoism.

Have you got a link to that?

What if you don't have a TV provider? We shut of everything nearly 2 years ago.
There sure is lots of anti- NBC stuff around.

If you missed men's basketball then you didn't really miss anything. Something about it being less than a sport when it is less than sporting.

I'm quite enjoying the BBC news channel on my Roku. It's not quite the amount of coverage I would want, but at least I'm not supporting the heinous and evil domestic television network.

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