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Friday, August 17, 2012

How many invalid surveys does it take to make a valid one?

We blogged a while back about "Oregon's Kitchen Table," yet another online survey system, like the Metro government's "Opt In" site, that asks loaded questions of self-selected wonks and hopes the answers are what the planning overlords and politicians want to hear. We just noticed from a related site who's behind "Oregon's Kitchen Table" -- it's "a project of the College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University." The patronage center! Mike Burton! Vera Katz! Soon, Sam Adams! And with an advisory board that's got all the usual establishment suspects.

The whole thing's kind of silly. But natter on they must. Here they are, unveiling the results of one of their surveys -- in three installments, no less. The suspense is unbearable!

The whole thing just screams "agenda," but at the moment, it's not entirely clear what that agenda is. Governor Retread's on board, however, and so it's definitely something Goldschmidtty.

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From the Healthy Democracy website:
"Healthy Democracy provided programmatic support for the June 2012 pilot of Oregon’s Kitchen Table, a statewide experiment led by the College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University. "

It's all just a big experiment! Nothing to see here, keep on moving.

I have to wonder though about a legislature that creates such a boondoggle of a commission when they themselves should be the ones that know what their constituents think. But then, if all you want is a pre-determined outcome with hand-picked survey participants, this will at least get the thing done with state money and not precious campaign funds.

The real experiment is to see if the citizens catch on to the political games, or if they can be duped again, for how much and in how many ways. Gotta love the Kitzhaber video. Only 6 visits this week, and without Jack's link, there would likely be only 3.

The College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University aka The study of invasive government policy making coupled with the indoctrination of how to implement dictatorial socialism.

Not surprising that the two institutions most in need of adult supervision are the ones in favor of independent (submissive) boards.

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